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Irresistible Ice Skating In AZ

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Skating enthusiasts always find reasons to go for ice skating in AZ. This is a premier skating facility located in Arizona Valley. There are several rinks available which are state-of-the-art. Imagine having public skating, hockey, over two locations and valley-wide arena. You have every reason to want to visit this interesting ice facility.

There are rinks for the outdoor skating in Arizona. You will conveniently in places like Glendale, Scottsdale, and Phoenix. In crispy weather, you can step out with your rental skates and have wild fun.

What is on offer?

Public skating

The open ice skating is open to the public.It is one of the highlights of the ice skating in AZ. In Arcadia, for instance, there are skating sessions from Monday to Sunday. The lessons are had three times a day f during mornings, afternoons and evening hours. The hours are varied throughout the day so that everyone can be accommodated in the schedule.

Variety of flexible programs

There is a variety of programs which include figure skating and hockey as earlier noted.  There is the adult hockey, ice skating, figure skating family-friendly activities. One only needs to register for a program to be put on schedule.

Great Ice facilities

You will simply enjoy the ice rental skates. These skates are designed to fit every size of the foot. Therefore, you do not have to leave behind anyone in the family; they are an all-encompassing ice skating facilities where everyone is catered for. Regardless of your ability and level, you will find your place in ice skating in AZ.

All-inclusive events

There is a whole range of events which caters for all ages. They include:

Youth hockey

There is an event that is held to promote hockey in the young people by incorporating fun into the game. The last session took place last year and lasted for around three months.

Hockey tournament for the adults

This is held every year whereby adults register in any of the eight divisions.

Kid’s Hockey

The kids are not left behind. There is a program already targeting the children between the ages of 4 and 8. The Little Howlers, as it is known as, comes with several benefits which include free rental for the skates as well as other equipment for a whole month.

Demo Day

There is a demo day set aside whereby the participants are invited to sample some new gear in any of the rinks free of charge.

Skating lessons

There are several skating lessons held on Saturdays and Sundays. All you have to do is to send your details and you are booked.

Skills competition

Skaters are invited to challenge and test their skills in skating.

Great schedules

There are programs which guide the main events. They include:

  • Program for freestyle
  • Power skating
  • Adult schedule
  • Girls hockey

Join all the skaters flocking any of the three valley-wide rinks in Arizona if you would like to have fun this holiday.