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Jackson Glacier Ice Skates

jackson glacier ice skates

The inspiration behind Jackson Glacier ice skates was Donald Jackson.

He was the World Figure Skating Champion in 1962. The following year, in 1963, he founded Jackson skates. He has remained dedicated to the sport of figure skating. His efforts have been recognized by him being inducted into the USFSA and the Skate Canada Hall of Fame.

Throughout the years, Jackson skates have grown by leaps and bounds.

The quality and workmanship of their figure skates has improved greatly. This is due to contributions of a great team of employees. Jackson skates committed themselves to providing excellent figure skates. To show just how committed they were, they developed a state of the art skate factory in March of 1996. This factory is located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The Jackson Skate Company was officially born in 1997.

This was a hugely in part because of Don Jackson’s knowledge and his passion for the sport of figure skating. In 2001, they acquired Ultima Skates. This gave them an entirely new position in the world of figure skating. Jackson Ultima Skates has since become a full line supplier. They produce not only boots, but blades as well for skaters from each end of the spectrum; beginners to Olympic champions.

Special care and precision are put into the making of each pair of boots and each set of blades. They strive to produce good quality products that figure skaters rely on. When purchasing product from them, you can expect to get ice skates that are built to last.

The quality and innovation has improved over the years;

Keeping up with technology in 2009, Jackson Ultima developed Matrix two blades. These blades are 33% lighter than their traditional counterparts.

When it comes to figure skating, you want to invest in a good quality ice skate that will provide plenty of comfort and support; both very important factors. The Jackson Glacier ice skates offer both. The lightness of the blades, allow better and more precise movements while you are skating. When you invest in their product, you can rest assured that you are certainly getting the quality that you paid for.

If you know anything at all about figure skating, you know the importance of having a good quality skate that you can rely on to provide good ankle support, as well as comfort to get you through the hours of practice. Jackson Glacier Ice skates, provide that and more!