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Jackson Ice Skates: The King of Blades (and Boots Too)

jackson ice skates

What makes this ice skates so great? Let’s start with the boots.

High quality, finished leather, and durable laces make Jackson Skates able to support even the most technical of moves or powerful of launches. The design of the boots also emphasizes comfort, in addition to strength, so they are perfect for long practices or competitions.

Jackson boots also come in different styles and price points.

There are multiple models of freestyle as well as specialty boots for women, men, or children. Low cut or high top designs are also available.

Moving onto the blades, Jackson Skates again sets the standard high-quality design and production. Jackson Ultima blades come in different models for beginning through advanced skaters. They are also available in multiple colors, so they will perfectly match any style boot.

Finally, Don Jackson made was a champion figure skater

And he designed his competition skates to perform at the highest level. Jackson Figure Skates are top of the line and tested by professional skaters all the way up to the Olympics. Although they are designed for champions, you will enjoy the same comfort and durability that make Jackson boots and blades ideal for skaters of all levels. Jackson Figure Skates are also available in recreational models for amateur skaters or ice rinks who offer rentals.

Interested in more obscure skating locations? Try out Jackson’s specially designed Glacier Skates on your next remote excursion or check out the softec series for more terrain options. Jackson Skates also offers some useful accessories that are sure to make getting to and from the rink much easier.

Perhaps all this praise has to lead you to worry about the skates cost? Don’t fret, Jackson boots, blades or figure skates are not only the #1 choice for parents and coaches because of their world class design, but also due to their affordability.

Don’t believe me? Look up comments on any Jackson product, and you are sure to read rave reviews about the performance as well as price. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pair today and start skating!