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What To Look For In Ice Skating Shoes

ice skating shoes

Purchasing a pair of ice skating shoes can open up an entire world of possibility as you take to the ice like never before.  A challenge that many first time purchasers have is with getting a pair of skating shoes that match their needs on the ice.  With that in mind, let’s take a moment to look at ice skating shoes and review some of the options available on Skating Guru.

It All Comes Down To Fit

The better the fit, the better the experience.  Ice skates require a very close fit to stop blisters and injuries from occurring.  Before purchasing a pair of ice skates, you will want to carefully measure both of your feet.  Be aware that many people have slightly different sized feet and doing independent measurements per foot can ensure that you get the perfect fit for each foot.  Understand that many traditional ice skating size ranges are different than regular shoe sizes.  While many brands are moving to regular shoe sizes, some will still use the old measurements and require you carefully measure your feet yourself.  

In a sitting position, measure the width and length of your foot.  Consider the kinds of socks you will be wearing as you ice skate.  Stockings include far less material than thick socks and if you are using either exclusively than you may want to go a size larger or smaller to accommodate the amount of material.  When your ice skates come, be sure to try them on before having the blades sharpened.  Tighten up the laces with special attention paid to the last four eyelets.  This will help to create a more secure fit.

Consider Quality & Cost

It is an unwritten rule in ice skating that anything sold from a general sporting good store is not worth the money regarding what you get out of it.  Instead, consider companies and suppliers that deal specifically with ice skating. They will know what less expensive skates are worth stocking and offer you a better idea of what the quality will be like.  Be aware that a decent pair of skates may cost you.  However, the quality, longevity of the skates, and the positive impact they will have in reducing injury make them a no brainer.  Consider your skates as an investment in your future enjoyment of the sport.

Are You Just Starting Off?

Ice Skating shoes for beginners can be different than those for intermediate or advanced use.  The biggest difference is in the soft and comfortable boot.  This is great for recreational use, and they are good ice skates for improving your basic ability.  While the soft boot is not designed for competitive use, it is still a fun, comfortable, and most importantly functional skate to buy.  

Shoe & Blade Together Or Separate

Many places sell the shoes, and the blades separate while a few include both in a packaged deal.  The benefit of purchasing both together is that it is less for you to think about.  You can sometimes get a discount purchasing them together.  You may also get a superior experience as the blades can be designed specifically for the shoes they are sold with.  Buying the shoes and blades separate can be a benefit because there can be a favorite type of either that you can’t skate without.  It provides you with a greater level of customizability.  You also may save more money by getting deals on each separately.  What you determine ultimately will be based on your needs.  

What To Consider When Looking For Ice Skating Shoes

  • Carefully measure your feet and know their dimensions in inches and centimeters
  • Consider the quality and the cost of your ice skating shoes carefully
  • Purchase your skating shoes from shops that deal specifically with them and benefit from their experience and superior quality skates
  • Consider beginner skates with softer shoes if you are just starting off
  • Decide on whether or not you want to go with a shoe and blade combo or get your shoes and blades separately
  • If you can try them on and they still have some sharpening life left in them, then consider getting used ice skating shoes
  • While high-quality blades have to be sharpened less often, they tend to be more expensive.  Consider lesser quality blades to save money if you are just starting out

Stock Available At Skating Guru

Selling kids skates, beginner skates, and intermediate skates, Skating Guru has a wide selection of ice skating shoes to select from.  With all sizes covered, you can select from countless types to find the pair that most closely meet what you are looking for.  Sold by a company that prides itself on providing an excellent, up-to-date selection, you have nothing to lose as you select from the wide range offered.  Give them a call, and they will be more than happy to discuss their selection as well as their recommendation for you.