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Main reasons for choosing centennial lakes ice skating

Ice Skating

A brief reference of ice skating on centennial lakes in Edina, Minnesota.

If you are looking for a perfect escape in the urban areas, the centennial lakes ice skating is your getaway. The features themselves are grand, to sample a few:

Excellent Ponds

These lakes offer the best experience in ice skating. The change in season is not a deterrent as the ice is removed to enable one to skate even in winter.

Trails that are paved

You will walk around well -paved trails and take in the most breathtaking walk in the midst of this human-made pond. The walkways link up with the trails. What is more, they are maintained all year round.

Multiple fountains

There are fountains everywhere which add to the spectacular beauty of the place.

Great fishing grounds

If you love fishing, this is the place to be as there are ponds with fish plus you will get the fishing gear right here. The best time to fish is in summer.

Finest Outdoor rinks

The highlight of the centennial lakes ice skating has got to be winter ice skating outdoors. Kids, in particular, enjoy the skating experience in the rinks sprawled in the parks.

The park is placed

Calling the Centennial Lakes Park Placid is an understatement. The stretch of water is calm, serene and peaceful. This restful place offers the best environment for all the activities mentioned above.

Relaxed atmosphere

Come to the place with your family and friends for a weekend stroll. You will enjoy quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the urban setting. The beauty of this place is unparalleled.

Great eating points

Feeling hungry after a whole day of fun- filled activities? You don’t have to trek for hours to find a place to get refreshments. The food options are only a stone’s throw away.

Rental services

Those seeking rental services can hire the large space for private use such as birthday parties.

Expansive golf course

For the lovers of golf, there is no better to enjoy mini golf sessions than in the southern Metro. It has 18 holes.

Warming area

Away from the skating areas, there is a structure resembling a building. It is meant to help keep people warm and especially in winter.

Lawn bowling

There is a provision for lawn bowling as well. You will be able to bowl in the real grass here.

Well -lit place

This park is usually well lit at night, and one can thus go on a walk and enjoy some coffee at the Starbucks.

There are many activities to enjoy at this human-made lake. All in all, you will love the ice skating as the main attraction in the Centennial Lake Park.