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Market square ice skating in Knoxville

Christmas in the City Knoxville November

The idea of spending your next holiday on ice is not a farfetched one. Visiting the heart of Knoxville, market square ice skating becomes alive. You will have using the rinks here for fun-filled skating sessions. This outdoor skating experience offers endless possibilities. Children and adults alike revel at the market square ice skating event. For your information, you will ice skate day and night for a whole week.

Ice rink in the open

There is a rink in the open air lying somewhere under the dazzling lights of the marketplace. The Home Federal Bank couldn’t possibly have presented something so memorable.

Danceable music

The market square ice skating wouldn’t be complete without some nice, cool music reverberating. Thankfully, there is plenty of music for people to listen to as they ice skate.

Mountains of ice

If you expect to find a thin ice layer in the marketplace, you will be in for a surprise. Here in Knoxville, the ice weighs up to 160,000 pounds. This is more than sufficient to facilitate a successful ice skating event.


The facility offers access. One of the things at the entrance is the skate rentals.

Special appearances

Are a fun of the peppermint Panda and the ice-rink mascots? If so, you will be in great company while skating because they make special appearances. For those of us who love the photo sessions, this would be an excellent opportunity to add fun to the whole event by taking your pictures with them.

Unpredictable weather

The weather at this place is unpredictable. Thankfully, there are regular updates to keep you on the tabs.


The holidays come with a lot of offers. The discounts are available throughout, right from the moment you start skating on Mondays with the stub tickets of the ice bears. Some $2 will be knocked off your admission amount. For Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the discounts are $1 each for the days. However, one has to wear some attire that goes with the respective days; the red and white on Tuesday (this is the attire for the peppermint) and the Christmas sweater for Wednesday.

Thursdays are special for students because as long as you show up with your student ID, you get $2 off the admission charge.

If you are a fan of disco music, the Fridays are your days because DJ music and disco lights are the highlights of the night.

Coping with Inclement Weather

In most cases, the foul weather could ruin the fun, and as such, rinks are usually closed briefly. This is done for the safety of everyone and not necessarily to kill the fun.

Christmas lights brighten your skating at night

For the lovers of ice skating at night, nothing could be merrier than skating with the Christmas lights shining above you.

Free parking

The car park is free. There are garages owned by the city where one can park for free from throughout the week. Now, time to fill your waiver forms early!