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How Much Are Ice Skates

how much are ice skates

Buying Ice Skates

If you’re a beginner, perhaps you have pondered “How much are ice skates?” There is no final price for ice skates, and quite often, the price range will hinge on several different factors, including age and experience level.

General Prices

There is a general price range for ice skates, regarding age and experience level. Typically, while a young child’s ice skates will cost between $50-$75, older children and adults may purchase skates from $75 to $130. Young children who are novice skaters can expect to spend between $100-$200 for their skates, while older novice skaters typically invest between $140 to $220. Children who have advanced past the intermediate stages of skating should expect to spend between $230 and $400 for their ice skates. Finally, advanced skaters typically invest between $400 and $2000 for their ice skates. It should be noted that while you can still find a decent ice skate for an affordable price. The most expensive ice skates do not necessarily have a superior fit. So, the” next time you consider how much are ice skates?” take your age and experience level into consideration.

Tips on Buying Skates

If you have a young child who is just learning how to skate, you will not have to invest a substantial sum of money. The best blade for beginners is usually a hockey blade, which is perfect for people learning the fundamentals of skating. When skaters proceed forward into more advanced levels of skating, they interchange the hockey blade for the figure blade. While some beginners purchase figure skates right away, it is best to buy a skate model without picks to assist a young child in learning.

Typically, expensive skates are best reserved for advanced skaters who are doing advanced turns, jumps, spins and maneuvers, unlike beginners who are only learning basic strokes. The more intensive and complex your skating stunts are, the more ankle support you will need. It should be noted that a novice skater should avoid purchasing the most expensive skate they can find because advanced blades are often counterproductive for beginning skaters.

When making your purchase, you should distinguish between dancing blades and freestyle blades. If you are buying blades and boots for a synchronized or dancing ice skater, then you must purchase blades specific to those activities.

There are a few other tips that you should consider during your purchase. Always go to a store that offers appropriate services. Getting your shoes fitted is one of the most important steps you can take. Never again will you have to ask yourself “how much are ice skates” because these tips are all you need to make a sensible purchase.