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Outdoor Roller Skating Is Fun!

outdoor roller skates

The very first thing you need to decide is where you plan on skating,

inside at a roller rink, or outside on the street or sidewalk.This is because there is a difference between indoor and outdoor skates.

Outdoor roller skates come with a softer wheel than indoor; the softer wheel absorbs more vibrations that you get from rolling over rough pavement which in turn will you a smoother more comfortable ride.

Outdoor skates just like indoor come with either low cut or high cut boots, they have the same bearings, same trucks, places. They are pretty much the same except for the wheels. Purchasing an extra set of wheels for your skates is possible. This ensures that you have one set for inside and one for outside and just swap them out as you please. However, if you do this you will most likely want to get an extra set of bearings too to save you time on your switch out. (Pulling out bearings can be difficult for some people.)

Skating using outdoor roller skates can be fun.

First, you are out in the fresh open air. Skating while breathing in the fresh open air can be very healthy! Secondly, you get the opportunity to see new things every time you skate; something that is not possible if you are in a rink.

But to have an enjoyable experience, you need to make sure you have the right equipment.

I have had customers tell me that they decided to skate inside because it was too uncomfortable with outdoor roller skates. After asking them a few questions, I realized the problem. They are using wheels that are intended for inside use only. They did not know they needed a softer wheel for skating outside. I would not get a wheel harder than a durometer of 85A. If the surface you are skating on is a little bit rough, I would go with a softer wheel. Maybe a 75A hardness would be appropriate.

You can use any skate boot outside.

Some like the high tops and others like the low tops. The difference, as mentioned, will be the wheels. So get any boot that you would like, but pay close attention to the wheels.

The best places to roller skate outside would be cement or tar covered walkways. One of the best places to roller skate would be a bike path. But if that is not available, I would suggest sidewalks, parks, or parking lots (after hours or on weekends when they are empty of traffic).

Do not skate at night unless you are in a well lite area. You would have difficulty seeing cracks and other objects that could cause you to fall. And if you do skate at night, please have someone with you especially if you are a female.

Finally, make sure that you have some protective equipment.

Even the best skaters can fall. Wearing a good helmet and a pair of knee pads are essential. Some desire elbow and wrist guards as well.

If you skate outside, you can’t use the excuse that you can’t afford to go to use the outdoor roller skates. Outside is free! You can skate as often as you want (I would not skate, however, in the rain or snow). With these simple tips, I hope you will find roller skating outside to be a fun activity!