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Planning a Successful Ice Skating Birthday Party

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Have you a child with a winter birthday? You can turn that day into a fun!

You can start by making fun invitations.

You could make snowflake invitations or even those in the shape of an ice skate. The options are endless when it comes to this. In creating your invitation, you may want to include a note suggesting that guests dress in warm layers for comfort. It is possible that some have never been ice skating before and may not think of the cooler temperatures in the facility. The cute invitation will create the excitement to make sure your ice skating birthday party is a success!

Next, you will need to choose your location.

Many public ice skating rinks offer birthday packages. This can be a huge help and eliminate some of the stress of party planning. Check with your local facility to see what they offer as part of their birthday package and determine what you will need to be responsible for on your own.

You may want to consider just having cake (or cupcakes) and ice cream rather than a lot of other food. Chances are, the guests will want to spend their time ice skating rather than sitting in the party area eating. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional cake and ice cream, you can get a bit more creative and make hot cocoa and cookies.

If you want the party to be a bit more involved, instead of the kids just free skating, you can plan some group activities or games on the ice that everyone will enjoy. These activities could include races, relays, or even activities that involve teamwork between the guests.

The options for party favors are plentiful!

These favors could include cute mittens, leg warmers, winter coloring books, or even ice skate lace charms. With an ice skating birthday party, it is easy to make it fun for everyone!

In planning your party, you want to keep in mind that you will probably have a group of skaters with various skating abilities. Some may have never skated before, while others may be magnificent at it. Try to plan your activities accordingly so that everyone feels like they can take part somewhat. This will be essential to making sure the birthday party is a success.

As the host to an ice skating party, a lot of responsibility will fall onto your plate. It is important that you communicate openly with the proposed facility. This will help ensure that the party goes just as you envision it and that it is an enjoyable time for not only the birthday child but guests and parents as well.

Whether this is your first time to plan an ice skating birthday party, or you are a seasoned veteran at it, there is sure to be a lot of effort put forth to make the party a success!