Atom Skates Jackson MYSTIQUE Men’s Roller Skate Boot


Boot Features:

  • Reinforced cut-resistant Micro-Fiber uppers.
  • Anti-bacterial Nylex lining.
  • Leather board reinforcement for strength, feel comfort, and security.
  • Memory foam ankle padding for comfort and feel
  • Flex notch for greater ankle flex.
  • A rolled collar that eliminates irritation to Achilles’ tendons
  • Foam-backed vinyl and mesh comfort tongue
  • Stylized traditional PVC soles


Atom Boot Sizes
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Size: Adult 10 / Width: M Size: Adult 11 / Width: M Size: Adult 12 / Width: M Size: Adult 4 / Width: M Size: Adult 5 / Width: M Size: Adult 6 / Width: M Size: Adult 7 / Width: M Size: Adult 8 / Width: M Size: Adult 9 / Width: M
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Description of Atom Skates Jackson MYSTIQUE Men's Roller Skate Boot

Jackson High Top Quad Boot Size Chart - Vista, Mystique, Finesse, Diva, EVO

Women'sMen'sFoot Length InchesMetric Centimiters
4-8 3/4220
649 3/8236
759 5/8244
9710 1/4260
10810 5/8268
-910 7/8276
-1011 1/4284
-1111 1/2292
-1211 7/8300
Helpful sizing tips:

Remove the shoe from your right, (or longest), foot. Measure with a sock if you want space, no sock for a tighter fit. Place a blank sheet of paper against the wall and stand on it with your heel against the wall. Mark straight down from your longest toe on the paper. Measure from the edge of the paper against the wall to the line marked on the paper,

(use cm/mm/in.) Use the sizing chart at left to match your measurement with an accurate size.

Note: It is generally recommended that high-performance skaters go for a snugger (tighter) fit. Remember that leather boots will stretch and form to your foot over time, microfiber boots will hold true to size. For example, if your measurements are between a size 8 and 8.5, it would generally be recommended you go down to the size 8 in leather and give it some time to stretch for a better more secure fit in the long run. NOTE: Toes should never be curled.

Features of Atom Skates Jackson MYSTIQUE Men's Roller Skate Boot

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 in
Atom Boot Sizes

Size: Adult 10 / Width: M, Size: Adult 11 / Width: M, Size: Adult 12 / Width: M, Size: Adult 4 / Width: M, Size: Adult 5 / Width: M, Size: Adult 6 / Width: M, Size: Adult 7 / Width: M, Size: Adult 8 / Width: M, Size: Adult 9 / Width: M


ATOM Skates

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