BOTAS – model: CINDY / Made in Europe (Czech Republic) / Innovated Figure Ice Skates for Women, Girls / Layered Real Leather Upper / LTT technology / White Str. Cuff / Color: White, Size: Adult 11

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The innovated children model of the white CINDY figure skates in a new design for young beginner competitors and active figure skaters. The reinforced upper made of strong layered leather with a special water-resistant PUR surface finish and RELAST textile laminated lining provides comfort inside the boot. The boot also includes ankle padding, an anatomical tongue and a soft and flexible collar around the calves. LTT technology increases the support and precise control. A brown PVC outsole with the BOTAS logo on the heel made of rigid and resistant plastic. New PRINCESS skates with a perfect surface mirror finish with the European TUV GS certificate.

The cry is out for ice skates girls will find comfortable and figure skates women can use for a better performance. If you want ice skates kids, girls, men, and women can use easily enjoy, the CINDY model is available in all sizes. This innovative model performs both as ice skates and figure skates in one design. This model provides figure skates kids can wear while gliding smoothly across the ice. Also, a pair of the CINDY model are ice skates toddlers can use to learn better coordination on the ice, and figure skates children can use in the rink. Enhanced support and control make them ice skates kids will enjoy and figure skates youth safety enthusiasts will approve. Also, with this model of ice skates women will have a boot reinforced with strong figure skates leather with a water-resistant surface. Using them as figure skates, girls will enjoy the comfort provided by the boot’s soft RELAST lining. The comfortable ankle padding, tongue, and a flexible collar around the calves, these features make the boots functional as ice skates for women, and figure skates for girls. The rigid plastic outsole​ grips the PRINCESS blades, which have a European TUV GS certificate. All the features makes CINDY excellent figure skates for women.

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