BOTAS Anita Women’s Blue Ice Skates



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Description of BOTAS Anita Women's Blue Ice Skates

Description of BOTAS Anita Women's Blue Ice Skates

When you are looking for a competition style skate that is going to provide you with all of the stability and speed, not to mention flexibility and control, you need – and deserve – as a competitive skater, you’re going to want to look closely at the ANITA skates from a cracker.

Designed to and developed from the ground up a based off of the preferences and suggestions for world-class skaters at all levels of competition, the ANITA skates feature a stiffened upper that provides plenty of extra foot support without ever making you feel as though you don’t have a complete control over your skates.

On top of that, the wider shape provides for extra padding and insulation inside of the ANITA skates than you find most anywhere else. Strong synthetic materials throughout have all been treated with extra waterproofing, guarantee that your feet stay nice and warm as well as dry no matter how long you stay out on the ice.

The entirety of the ANITA skates have been finished off with an almost electric blue carbon fiber of fact that is sure to capture the eye and attention of the judges that you are featuring your routine in front of these skates are absolutely stunning when you see them in the locker room, but when they are gliding around out on the ice as they take on a new radiance and beauty that is really difficult to describe.

Specifically designed for those that are in need of competition skates, the ANITA skates can be used during practice and you’re looking to work with the exact same skates across the board – but they really shine when the lights are brightest and when you need to take advantage of all the technical and engineering special features these skates bring to the table.

Features of BOTAS Anita Women's Blue Ice Skates