I-EXE – Made in Italy – MEDIXSPORT LINE / Gratuated Compression Long Socks / i-GRADUAL-tm Technology / For Men Women Nurses Athletes / For Cycling, Jogging, Running, Hiking, Gym, Fitness, Nursing


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    • GRADUAL COMPRESSION This i-exe technology allows to provide a gradual pressure starts from the ankle and degrades uniformly up to the calf, just below the knees. Consequently, it is possible to take advantage of benefits that come from the compression on the joint the freedom of the athletic gesture which the joint benefits.
    • BREATHABILITY i-eXe® product has a very high level of breathability, due mainly to the use of PPfc. Indeed, studies conducted in a official laboratory with damp level of 65% and a temperature of 20°, show that this fibre has a absorption rate of only 0,01%.