Jackson Ultima DJ2470 / DJ2471 Competitor Figure Skates



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Description of Jackson Ultima DJ2470 / DJ2471 Competitor Figure Skates

Description of Jackson Ultima DJ2470 / DJ2471 Competitor Figure Skates

Learn About Jackson Ultima Competitor DJ2470 Ladies and Kids Skates.

If you want ladies’ skates which are beautiful to behold and packed with competition-worthy features, you’ll love our Jackson Ultima Competitor DJ2470 Ladies Skates. These skates are really popular with our customers, because they provide exceptional fit and help them to skate their best, in competitions and at every other time. Packed with features, these high-end skates offer a lot of value for a great price.

Features of These Ice Skates.

These skates come with a supple topline which features a rolled collar section that promotes premium comfort. As well, these skates have padding made of foam, which is shaped in an asymmetrical manner in order to support ankles and promote comfort. The tongues of these skates are padded with memory foam, which is very supple, durable, cushion-y and supportive. As well, the lining of these skates is made from microfiber which resists bacteria. Each skate has an Ultima Aspire XP blade, which is affixed with screws.

Perfect for advanced beginners or for any ice skater who wants the very best, our Jackson Ultima Competitor DJ2470 ice skates are made with painstaking attention to detail, by a manufacturer with a strong and positive reputation. We are proud to supply authentic Jackson skates and our prices are very competitive.

If you’re interested in ordering these designer skates, be sure to check out sizing information and advice before you place your order. We want to ensure that you select the right size.

These skates are ideal as a treat to yourself. Also, many parents buy them for their daughters. These particular skates are crowd-pleased, as so many ice skaters love wearing them. They are extraordinarily comfortable and they do make it easy to skate well. As well, they are very durable and very simple to take care of. So, why not order them today?

Features of Jackson Ultima DJ2470 / DJ2471 Competitor Figure Skates

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 in
Ice Skates Sizes

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