JS1290 / JS1291 / JS1294

Js1290 Js1291 Js1294
Js1290 Js1291 Js1294

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Jackson Ultima Excel Series JS1290 / JS1291 / JS1294 White, Women’s and Girls Figure Ice Skates

Price from: $94.95 & FREE Shipping

Price from: $94.95 & FREE Shipping

Price: $94.95$99.95 & FREE Shipping.

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Size: Adult 10 / Width: Medium Size: Adult 4 / Width: Medium Size: Adult 4.5 / Width: Medium Size: Adult 5 / Width: Medium Size: Adult 5.5 / Width: Medium Size: Adult 6 / Width: Medium Size: Adult 6.5 / Width: Medium Size: Adult 7 / Width: Medium Size: Adult 7.5 / Width: Medium Size: Adult 8 / Width: Medium Size: Adult 8.5 / Width: Medium Size: Adult 9 / Width: Medium Size: Adult 9.5 / Width: Medium Size: Junior 1 / Width: Medium Size: Junior 1.5 / Width: Medium Size: Junior 2 / Width: Medium Size: Junior 2.5 / Width: Medium Size: Junior 3 / Width: Medium Size: Junior 3.5 / Width: Medium Size: Youth 10 / Width: Medium Size: Youth 11 / Width: Medium Size: Youth 11.5 / Width: Medium Size: Youth 12 / Width: Medium Size: Youth 12.5 / Width: Medium Size: Youth 13 / Width: Medium Size: Youth 13.5 / Width: Medium Size: Youth 8 / Width: Medium Size: Youth 9 / Width: Medium
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  • Vinyl coated upper with synthetic lining
  • Foam backed vinyl/mesh comfort tongue
  • Stylized PVC outsole
  • Jackson Ultima Skates are true to size for men.
  • Jackson Ultima skates are 1.5 above size for women.

Discover Jackson Ultima Excel JS1290 Series Ice Skates

Choosing high-quality ice skates will help you to feel comfortable and to skate your best. When you select Jackson Ultima Excel JS1290 Series Skates, you’ll access attractive ice skates which are well-made and very affordable. These skates have all of the features that most ice skaters need and they are appropriate for beginner skill levels. Now, let’s talk about the specific features of these popular and highly-rated ice skates.

Features of These Skates

Jackson Ultima Excel JS1290 Series Skates feature uppers which are coated with vinyl and they also have linings which are synthetic. These skates feature tongues which are made from vinyl and mesh and backed in foam. Each skate comes with an outsole that is crafted from PVC. These skates are very comfortable, and men and women may wear them. They are white and have a traditional appearance. If you’re male, you’ll find that these ice skates run “true to size.” If you’re female, you should size up by 1.5 to access a superior fit.

Jackson is a trusted name in figure skates, and many people rely on their dependable, well-crafted and comfortable skates to develop skills on the ice. These skates will work well for recreational skating, skating lessons and most types of skating. They feature quality blades and comfortable uppers. Designed to make skating fun, they provide a decent level of support, and their laces make them very adjustable.

If you want great figure skates, without needing to spend a lot of money, you’ll find that these Jackson designs deliver. According to the manufacturer, they are best for beginners and feature a support level of 5, based on Jackson’s support categorisation system. The light support is good for those who are learning.

Now that you know more about these skates, why not order them today?

JS1290 / JS1291 / JS1294

Js1290 Js1291 Js1294
Js1290 Js1291 Js1294

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Ice Skates Sizes

Size: Adult 10 / Width: Medium, Size: Adult 4 / Width: Medium, Size: Adult 4.5 / Width: Medium, Size: Adult 5 / Width: Medium, Size: Adult 5.5 / Width: Medium, Size: Adult 6 / Width: Medium, Size: Adult 6.5 / Width: Medium, Size: Adult 7 / Width: Medium, Size: Adult 7.5 / Width: Medium, Size: Adult 8 / Width: Medium, Size: Adult 8.5 / Width: Medium, Size: Adult 9 / Width: Medium, Size: Adult 9.5 / Width: Medium, Size: Junior 1 / Width: Medium, Size: Junior 1.5 / Width: Medium, Size: Junior 2 / Width: Medium, Size: Junior 2.5 / Width: Medium, Size: Junior 3 / Width: Medium, Size: Junior 3.5 / Width: Medium, Size: Youth 10 / Width: Medium, Size: Youth 11 / Width: Medium, Size: Youth 11.5 / Width: Medium, Size: Youth 12 / Width: Medium, Size: Youth 12.5 / Width: Medium, Size: Youth 13 / Width: Medium, Size: Youth 13.5 / Width: Medium, Size: Youth 8 / Width: Medium, Size: Youth 9 / Width: Medium


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