Jackson Ultima GS180 / GS181 / GS184 Glacier Ice Skates



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Description of Jackson Ultima GS180 / GS181 / GS184 Glacier Ice Skates

Description of Jackson Ultima GS180 / GS181 / GS184 Glacier Ice Skates

Jackson Ultima Glacier GS180 Ladies.

If you want high-quality ladies’ skates which offer tons of quality for a good price, you’ll find that our Jackson Ultima Glacier GS180 Ladies Skates have lots of advantages. These skates come with plenty of appealing features and they look great, too. In fact, they have a traditional and classic look which is really impressive. In terms of features, these skates are lined in Nylex, so they are super-warm and cosy. This lining enhances comfort and it’s really durable, too. Each skate features an outsole which is crafted from charcoal PVC. This outsole material is very low-maintenance, so you’ll find that these ice skates are simple to take care of.

As well, each skate features a nickel blade which is all-purpose. To find the perfect size, consult our sizing information before you place your order.

Jackson skates have a strong and positive reputation. These ice skates deliver in terms of being comfortable and supportive and also offer skaters access to high performance. For this reason, we are proud to carry official Jackson designs, including our highly-rated Jackson Ultima Glacier GS180 Ladies Skates. If you want a designer look for a budget price, you’ll find that these pretty white ice skates definitely deliver. You’ll love the way that they look and they will cushion your feet in comfort as you skate.

You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to access authentic Jackson ice skates. We offer them for competitive prices. These skates have vinyl uppers which are completely lined, as well as tongues which are backed with padding made from dense foam. Comfort is so important, as is support. When you choose these skates, you’ll access both, without busting your budget.

Also, since they are all-purpose, they’ll be great for many different types of skating. As you can see, these skates have a lot to offer, so why not treat yourself to a pair today?

Features of Jackson Ultima GS180 / GS181 / GS184 Glacier Ice Skates