Jackson Ultima ST2407 Softec Kids Skates



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Description of Jackson Ultima ST2407 Softec Kids Skates

Description of Jackson Ultima ST2407 Softec Kids Skates

Learn About Jackson Ultima Softec ST2407 Kids Skates.

If you want your child to wear comfortable and supportive ice skates while he or she is on the ice, you’ll enjoy learning about Jackson Ultima Softec ST2407 Kids skates. These attractive ice skates have a sporty appearance, thanks to their black finish and red accents and they have a lot of comfort and performance features, too. As well, they are affordable skates, so getting your child ready for the ice won’t be too expensive.

Now, let’s talk about the key features of these exceptional kid’s ice skates…

Features of These Ice Skates

Jackson Ultima Softec ST2407 Kids skates offer the firm support that young skaters need in order to balance themselves on the ice and develop their skating ability and confidence. In addition to being very supportive, these skates feature sock liners which are backed in soft foam. These liners make the skates very comfortable to wear. You’ll find that these skates have a modern look, slim-line appearance and outsoles which resist torque. Thin design and torque resistance make the overall weight of these ice skates lighter. As well, each skate comes with a white-coloured blade, as well as a runner which is crafted from carbon steel.

If you’re curious about which size is right for your child, be sure to consult our sizing information today. It’s the key to figuring out the ideal size before you order. These skates gets great reviews from kids and parents/guardians. In addition, they don’t bust budgets. For this reason, they are definitely a smart buy. Each skate comes with three straps which are adjustable. These straps make the skates easy to put on and take off.

Now that you know more about these high-quality ice skates, why not order a pair for your child? These skates also make a great gift idea.

Features of Jackson Ultima ST2407 Softec Kids Skates