Jackson Ultima Sizing Charts

BoysGirlsFoot Length(Inches)Foot length(mm)
n/a85 3/4"146
n/a96 1/16"153
n/a106 3/8"161
8n/a6 3/16"157
9n/a6 9/16"166
10n/a7 7/8"200

MenLadiesFoot Length(Inches)Foot length(mm)
n/a116 11/16"169.86
n/a11 1/26 7/8"174.62
1112 1/2 7 3/16"182.56
11 1/2137 3/8"187.32
1213 1/27 1/2"190.5
12 1/217 11/16"195.26
131 1/27 13/16"198.43
13 1/228"203.2
12 1/28 3/16"207.96
1 1/238 5/16"211.13
23 1/28 1/2"215.9
2 1/248 5/8"219.07
34 1/28 13/16"223.83
3 1/259"228.6
45 1/29 1/8"231.77
4 1/269 5/16"236.53
56 1/29 7/16"239.71
5 1/279 5/8"244.47
67 1/29 3/4"247.65
6 1/289 15/16"252.41
78 1/210 1/8"257.17
7 1/2910 1/4"260.35
89 1/210 7/16"265.11
8 1/21010 9/16"268.28
9n/a10 3/4"273.05
9 1/2n/a10 15/16"277.81
10n/a11 1/16"280.98
10 1/2n/a11 1/4"285.75
11n/a11 3/8"288.92
11 1/2n/a11 9/16"293.68
12n/a11 11/16"296.86

Jackson Ultima Softec ST2600

Women's Blue Ice Skates with Hockey Blade

4.75 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings

from $79.95

Redesigned durable nylon upper with colour coordinated trim.

Fully lined upper and tongue with cushy foam padding for maximum comfort.

New modern look offering reduced weight due to lightweight construction.

Single colour PVC sole for reduced weight.

White leisure blade with carbon steel runner.

from $79.95
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  • Redesigned durable nylon upper with color coordinated trim
  • Fully lined upper and tongue with cushy foam padding for maximum comfort
  • New modern look offering reduced weight due to lightweight construction
  • Single color PVC sole for reduced weight
  • White leisure blade with carbon steel runner

Discover Our Jackson Ultima Softec ST2600 Ladies Skates

If you’re in the market for ladies’ skates, you’ll benefit from learning about this stylish and practical pair. Today, we’re going to share the key benefits and features of Jackson Ultimate Softec ST2600 Ladies Skates. Our goal is to help you decide whether or not they will meet your needs. These are popular designs which get good reviews from real-life customers, and they offer a nice blend of comfort and support.

Key Features of These Skates

Crafted with rugged nylon uppers which feature colour-coordinated style, these skates also have lining in the uppers and a tongue which is cushioned with a layer of soft foam padding. Since there is so much cushioning, you’ll find that these skates are very easy to wear. They are quite comfortable, and they have a modern design which is appealing. As well, they aren’t too heavy, and you’ll find that it’s easy to skate while you’re wearing them, due to their lighter overall weight. The soles of these skates are made from PVC, which is part of the reason why the skates are lightweight. PVC isn’t a really heavy material, but it’s very strong. Lastly, these skates have white leisure blades which come with runners made from carbon-type steel.

These designs come in a range of ladies’ sizes, so there should be a pair available in stock which is just right for you, or for a special lady in your life. These skates will be perfect as a treat to yourself or as a gift for someone that you care about. They are affordable, and they offer plenty of bang for the buck.

Order These High-quality Skates Today

Now is the right time to enjoy the thrill of ice skating. When you choose these designs, you’ll be accessing skates from a trusted and established the brand. So, why not order today?

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