SAGESTER – Hand-made in Italy / Jacket for Figure Skating, Ice Skating / Rhinestones Design Print / Zip Cover Protection on the Neck / Style: 264 / Colors: Fuchsia, Yellow, Orange (Jacket only)

    • Made in Italy
    • Fully Handmade
    • Close-fitting Jacket. Designed for Dance, Figure Skating, Ice Skating, Roller Skating.
    • Fabric: TESSUTO TERMICO. Technical fabric that is teaseled to garantee unparalleled thermal insulation. This fabric protects the body from the cold and allows sweat to evaporte naturally, so that the garment dries quickly. It always leaves the skin dry, so body’s tempetature remains constant and energy consumption is reduced. Anti-pilling, anti-bacterial, durable and resistant to heavy use and washing.
    • Close-fitting jacket in fluorescent coloured thermal fabric, external stitching in contrast