SAGESTER Figure Skating Dress #132, Hand-made in Italy, Long Sleeve Lace

Price $117.85 & FREE Shipping

Price $117.85 & FREE Shipping
Price: $117.85 & FREE Shipping.
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Model: 132


80% polyamide-20% elastane

Sagester Figure Skating Dress

Prepare for jaws to drop when you enter the rink wearing this gorgeous Sagester Figure Skating Dress! The attention to detail in this handmade Italian dress is amazing. You’ll feel gorgeous and light as you fly across the ice, spinning, jumping, and dancing your way through your routine. The white body of the dress cuts low in the back to show your back but is covering enough that you won’t feel exposed while you skate.

The arms, neck and skirt of the dress are composed of a fine white floral lace that also covers your torso and the main part of the dress. The long sleeves are attractive on any body shape and have loops for your finger to hold the sleeves in place while you complete difficult jumps and spins. The keyhole back is closed at your neck with two small white enclosures.

This showstopper of dress is sure to become a fast favorite with you and your fans. Perfect for a winter performance, the white skirt will flow around your legs as you skate and spin out attractively. Be the first of the skaters in your area to own this incredible dress and feel the difference that sets handmade clothing apart from competitors!

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