Botas Ice Skates

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Botas Ice Skates
Botas is a producer of a quality top of the line and affordable ice skates and shoes. All of the companies products are proudly made in The Czech Republic, where they have been made since 1949. Botas is proud of the quality of their product, their heritage and their proud relationship with the people of the Czech Republic. Botas ice skates are exported to countries all around the world. The Botas Brand is The most trusted name is affordable ice skates in Europe.

Botas has a proud tradition of making quality and stylish shoes and sportswear. You will find this same tradition of quality in each and every single pair of the ice skates Botas has ever made. Once you strap up the laces and glide across the ice for the first time on your new pair of Botas ice skates, you will understand and appreciate all the years of quality experience and the real passion for craftsmanship.

It does not matter if your passion is slapping the puck around in a game of Hockey or elegantly spinning, twisting and turning in your figure skating routine. Botas has the skate you are looking for at a price that will not leave you flat on the ice.
Botas History
The company was first established on the same day as America on July 4th,1949 in the Skuteč region of the Czech Republic under the original name Botana. It was built on the back of centuries of quality shoemaking tradition found in the Skuteč area. Already by the year 1534 Jindřich Šťastný von Valdštýn & Rychmbuk issued new Standards for the guild of shoemakers in Skuteč. The loud and proud shoemaking tradition found in the Skuteč region has been documented at the City Museum of Skuteč, among the many exciting and mind boggling attractions found at the museum include the biggest shoe ever made in the Czech Republic.

Since 1963 the company has been making shoes under the brand “botas” (BOTA-Sports, BOTA-Skuteč, botas is Czech for shoe). Featuring the iconic Logo with three stars above the Botas name brand. In 1966 the popular cult CLASSIC Botas shoe known for a vertical serrated strip and the BOTAS logo with three stars was the baby of Marcel Scheinpflug. The shoes were put on the market for the very first time and have been in high demand ever since. In 1970s Botas built a brand new state of the art production plant. The facility was built in Skuteč. At the site of the production plant, a brand new administrative HQ of the company was built in the same year. Solidifying Skuteč as the companies base of operations.

In 1972 At the autumn sports trade fair in Leipzig, The BOTAS company was awarded a pattern through application for an exciting new material – a polyamide fabric for their new line of ice-hockey boots. Starting a proud tradition in ice sports. The shoes kept improving, new shoe types were being developed and in 1974 the company already had a collection of 230 shoe types for nearly every type of sport imaginable. The products were made not only for the Czech domestic market, The products also found their way to 35 other countries (Including countries such as Germany, England, France, Norway, Canada, Sweden, Finland, USA, Australia, New Zealand etc.). The biggest customer at the time was the Soviet Union.

Botas worked with the PUMA company on hundreds of models of tennis shoes, basketball shoes , football cleats and other athletics shoes. The shoes were made at the main factory in Skuteč. The shoes were sold under PUMA license in the Czech sports market. The following top athletes wore PUMA shoes made at the factory in Skuteč : Marlene Oteyová, Lothar Matthäus, H. Stoichkov as well as many other amazing athletes.

In the period between 1990 and 1996 BOTANA company also produced a lot of shoes for other world companies such as JOFA, GRAF, CCM, ADIDAS, KOHO, BAUER, KARHU, JACKSON, RIEDELL as well as for some other small foreign firms.

In March 1991 Botana transformed into a joint stock company with a government as only a co-owner. Thanks to a mutually successful manufacturing-operation with SALOMON company various highly technologically demanding sports shoes were made by BOTAS production factory, (shoes for snowboard, trekking, cross-country ski boots).

On the first of January 2001 at the turn of the millennium, the name of the company changed to be the same as the sports brand BOTAS then the brand new, contemporary, slick logo was made. The increased production in winter sports market, focused on ice hockey skates , figure skating skates and cross-country skiing boots this section of the Botas corporation makes for 90% of the overall companies production.

In 2005 the exhibition called “100 Years of Czech Design” was held in Berlin. BOTAS shoes had the honourable position there. In the same year, BOTAS shoes were registered among 100 TOP Czech design icons. The BOTAS sports company is the only manufacturer of top quality sports shoes in all of the Czech Republic, The company is the proud recipient of the Excellent Product Award in 2006. The competition was originally organized by the Design Centre of the Czech Republic. BOTAS won the prize for its “MIRAGE 551 PRO” hockey set. Including the ICEHAWK PRO skates.

In 2008 Botas came in 3rd of the 22 nominated actors at the prestigious Czech Grand Design Competition in the “Producer of the Year” category. On Saturday 6 March 2010the Design Academy of the Czech Republic proclaimed Czech Grand Design Awards which recognize extraordinary results in the field of design. BOTAS company won the 1st place in the category of Manufacturer of the Year – Industrial Design Award declared by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. BOTAS company won this prize for their series of BOTAS 66 shoes and accessories. After the 3rd place in previous year, this victory was another important appreciation of our factory in the field of shoe design.

In 2014 BOTAS showed off its exposition at the Czech booth at the 2014 Winter Olympics Games in Sochi. Showcasing Botas and it’s over sixty-five years of honored and proud tradition, top of the line quality as well as cutting edge contemporary design in all sports shoes. BOTAS sports has found a way to extended its vast network of partners in Prague. The Prague city-center was built with a brand new “BOTAS 66 STORE”. The proposal was to create a one of a kind, unique Studio deFORM, the implementation was the brain child of Studio Griff. “BOTAS 66 ” in Skořepka, The Old Town also on Křížkovského street, Žižkov these are actually the only officially backed stores by the BOTAS 66 brand of Prague.

The store is a location where you can not only sample and purchase all current models available and any accessory products available, but you can also look at the archives where you can learn more about the actual materials and appreciate the true magic produced by one of the true icons of Czech Republic design.
Botas Figure Skating
Botas Ice Skates offers a wide variety of figure skates for any skater at any skill level. Beauty and elegance are in no short supply with Botas Figure skates. Botas Ice Skates has the style and look you are looking for without compromising quality or durability. Botas Ice skates are just the thing you need to leave the competition in your shavings and the judges in awe. Botas features three quality lines of skates, Professional, sport, and Hobby. Offering Ice Skates made for skaters of any quality level.

The Hobby Model

The Hobby model is designed for rental shops and recreational ice skaters. Increased damage resistant materials perfect for high volume rentals. Perfect fast lacing and modern LTT technology made for flexible reinforcement of the upper synthetic lining. Features PAS-FIT ankle forming for stability and comfort. The sizes marking is printed extra large for easy orientation. Made with the BOTAS Rental XL skate blade featuring enhanced surface treatment. Perfect for any ice rinks rental program and will be profitable for the owner for years to come. This product is also honored by being given the accolade of the European TÜV GS certificate.

The Sport Model

The sports line is the main line of figure skates made by Botas. Any style any color scheme is made available at a price that will not leave you hocking your medals. The skates made in the Botas sports figure skating line are made of the highest quality materials and designed by the top designers in