Jackson Ultima Ice Skates

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Jackson Ultima Skates

Whether you Jackson Ultima Skates for fun or compete at the local, regional, national, or international level, ice skating is a challenging and rewarding sport to participate in.  With the average number of skaters in the country increasing every year, more and more people are becoming a part of skating world. Regardless of why they are pursuing the sport, having dedication, determination, and time to practice can lead to some truly spectacular results.

Like many other sports out there, figure skating is gear dependent.  While talent goes the majority of the way, the gear you get is critical for providing the optimal skating experience.  And, when it comes to ice skating, there is no piece of gear more crucial than the ice skates. Finding the right brand, company, and fit are all critical parts of ice skating that can make the difference between success and injury.

Providing you with information on skating brands, we’ve taken the time to carefully review the company Jackson Skates.  Along with looking at the legacy of the company, we review their range of skates to see what sets them apart from the competition and why you should consider them instead of other notable brands.  We will also get into how you can find the right pair of boots for your needs as you take the next step in figure skating.

The Jackson Skates Company

Proudly designed in Canada, Jackson Skates is also known as Jackson Ultima, the Figure Skating Company.  A recognized, global leader in figure skating blades and boots, Jackson Skates has made a name for itself with superior quality, manufacturing, and design.  With a commitment to improving skates with better technology, Jackson Skates has managed to remain a leader among skate brands with many of their ice skates represented in the top international competitions.  On top of those professional skates that senior ice skaters use, Jackson Skates also has a line of recreational and leisure skates that are specifically designed towards the enjoyment of all skaters regardless of their skill.

While Jackson Skates may be proudly designed in Canada, the company has locations in many parts of the world.  Jackson Ultima Skates is their organization located in North America. In addition to this, Jackson Ultima Skates also has offices in Europe and Asia.  With a global footprint, many of the best figure skaters from around the world rely on Jackson Skates to compete at their very best. Along with offering skates, Jackson Skates also provides a lot of supplementary information including hall of fame members, spin and footwork definitions, information on jumps, and more.

A Run Down Of Jackson Skates

Through each of their three locations, Jackson Skates offers elite boots, elite blades, and introductory boot/blade combined skates.  Be aware that if you are attempting or a more competitive advantage, Jackson Skates, along with the vast majority of other brands, will sell their boots and blades separately.  This allows you to focus on your ideal boot and blade independently of one another to find the perfect combination for your figure skating.

Jackson figure skates boots are sold in men’s, women’s, and children’s.  Note that all shoes sold by Jackson Skates are either black or white, with light brown heels.  Their figure skate boots include models made specifically for freestyle, competition, elite, and standard.  In addition, boots come in low cut, high cut, stiff, loose, and more depending on your need. Jackson Skates boots offer a wide variety of options and you can contact the company directly if you are looking for something specific from your Jackson ice skates.  Jackson ice skating boots can cost you hundreds of dollars and are definitely considered an investment in your love, dedication, and continued work towards improving your performance.

The Jackson figure skates blades offer even more variety for those looking to make their perfect Jackson skates.  Beginner, intermediate, and advanced blades are sold under the Matrix Supreme Blades, the Matrix Freestyle Blades, the Matrix Elite Blades, the Matrix Nova Blade, and the Matrix Legacy Blades.  Each of these has their own categories based on your needs. Regardless of the blade you purchase, Jackson Skates works to keep the blades lighter and tougher than their competition. Utilizing lightweight aircraft aluminum, the blades are significantly harder than stainless steel.  The stainless steel runners add even more protection for the blades. Coming in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs, the blades offered by Jackson Skates have recognized the world over for their quality.

Jackson ice skates include the Aspire and Ascend series of skates specifically designed for those who are earlier in their career and at a beginner level.  With technology that utilizes materials and design at the heart of some of the most successful skates in the world, these entry-level skates are competitive and practical.  Unlike the intermediate and advanced skates, the entry-level skates incorporate blades already attached via screws. While significantly less flashy than the more advanced ice skating shoes, these beginner-level skates are still comfortable practical and offered in a wide range of sizes.  If you are just starting off and want ice skates that will not let you down, then the Aspire and Ascend are right for you.

Why You Should Consider Jackson Ultima Over The Competition?

So, what makes Jackson figure skates better than the competition?  Below, we review some of the criteria that help to put Jackson Skates at a level among the best ice skate manufacturers in the world.

Materials Used

Adherence to a strict dogma regarding material choice ensures that Jackson figure skates are lightweight, sturdy, and dependable.  The use of aluminum in the blade is a good example of the little details that help to set Jackson Skates apart. Additional features made possible through the materials selected include asymmetrical flex points for the inside and outside of the ankle, extra wrap in the ankle area, antibacterial lining, carbon fiber soles, and soft collars.


Utilizing the materials to their fullest, Jackson Skates sculpts custom ordered boots and blades to meet the requirements of athletes from all over the world.  The range of designs match the needs of skaters and small features throughout the boot and blade speak to an attention to detail rarely seen elsewhere. Professional, sleek, and to the point, Jackson Skates are a great way to enjoy the ice and improve your skill while keeping accidents and injuries down to a minimum.


With the right material and design, Jackson Skates are made to last.  They are designed by those who have skated before and know where skates are most likely to fall apart.  While stopping the inevitable deterioration of a boot is impossible, you will get far more life out of Jackson skates than the majority of the competition.  For this reason, Jackson ice skates are considered investments that last for years and can even be sold used with plenty of life still in them.

Legacy Of Quality

As we mentioned towards the beginning, Jackson Skates has a proven record of providing some of the top figure skaters in the world with ice skates.  Including hundreds of athletes over decades of being in business, Jackson Skates proudly names those who have worn their skates when on the ice. That legacy continues to this day in the attention the company pays towards their ice skates.  Jackson Skates always produce skates that you can rely on.

Can Be Surprisingly Affordable

While intermediate and advanced boots and blades are quite expensive, their beginner line provides a lot of quality for an affordable cost.  Only a few hundred dollars, you get ice skates that have a reputation for being decent. You can use them for quite some time and they will often provide you one of the best investments per dollar spent when it comes to beginner ice skates.  Their recreational skates are also designed in a way to provide comfort as you casually enjoy the sport.

Pros of Jackson Ultima Figure Skates

The skates use a wide range of materials specifically tailored towards improving the performance of professional athletes

Technology and design go hand in hand to provide a safer, more comfortable, and more predictable skating experience

The skates are well designed and will last, making them an excellent investment

The skates are made from a company that has a history-making superb skates

The skates can be affordable when purchasing recreational or beginner levels skates

Cons of Jackson Figure Skates

The cost of Jackson figure skates can be really high depending on what you want

Figuring out the price without contacting the company can be a challenge for customized orders

The website is a bit out of date and can be challenging to navigate

Sizes are challenging to figure out if you are unfamiliar with ice skates and you will have to carefully measure your feet prior to purchase

How To Find The Right Pair Of Jackson Ultima Skates For Your Needs

Skill Level & Desired Used

Are you competitive or do you want to skate casually?  Are you looking for something that will last or something that will only be used a few times a year?  The more advanced the skater and the longer you want the ice skates to last, the more expensive the Jackson skates will be.  It can be very helpful for you to figure out what your skill level and intended use is before putting the money down.

Foot Size

Sizes will range considerably depending on what skates you buy.  Be sure they have the foot length you need before placing an order.  The same is true for foot width. Jackson Skates are good for men and women with typical foot width needs.  They support multiple widths. While ice skates from a brand like Edea are great for those with wider feet, Jackson manages to be comfortable for the majority of skaters.

Try Them On

If you can try on the skates prior to purchase.  Many times the skates may have a particular feel that is either fantastic or a let down.  As this can change per person, getting to experience what the Jackson Skates feel like beforehand can save you a lot of hassle and money down the road.

How To Find Jackson Ice Skates On Sale

It will be next to impossible to find Jackson skates on sale in the intermediate and advanced level as they are made per order.  However, there are ranges of companies that sell recreational Jackson skates. These distributors often have sales, especially in the off-season.  You can also find Jackson skates online in stores like Amazon. Be aware that there can be counterfeit skates out there and knowing the distributor is important.  With enough time and patience, you may be able to nab a pretty decent deal.

Buying New Vs. Used

One of the benefits of Jackson figure skates is that they are durable.  With some reporting years to break them in, the Jackson ice skates will hold up well even under frequent use.  If you are looking for intermediate and advanced Jackson skates, you may be able to pick them up for cheap by buying another skater’s used pair.  There are a few things to consider. First, finding the right kind of boot and blade, along with the right length and foot width may be a challenge.  In addition, you will want to try on and examine the boots yourself prior to taking them. If the blades have no additional room to be sharpened, then you may want to ditch them and go with new blades.  Either way, if you are lucky enough to score a decent pair of used Jackson skates, then you can save more than half on the original price.


Jackson Skates combine a legacy of quality with the very best in materials and design.  With hundreds of star athletes wearing Jackson Skates, the company manages to be sought after even to this day.  While it may be expensive, you should strongly consider Jackson skates if you want to take your ice skating performance up to the next notch.