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Jackson Ultima, Riedell Skates, and Botas Ice Skates

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Showing 1–12 of 37 results

Kids Ice Skates

When it comes to buying ice skates for your kids, there is an overwhelming number of choices available on the market. Not only do ice skates come in varying amounts of stiffness, but there are also significant quality differences between brands; price points also vary significantly from brand to brand.

Popular Brands

Riedel and Jackson are arguably the two most popular and commonly-found brands of youth ice skates available in the retail marketplace. Graf and Edea also manufacture ice skates, but most professional athletes and skaters wear these two brands. The novice or intermediate skater will most likely prefer the comfort, price, and durability that Riedel and Jackson both offer. Jackson Ultima is a Canadian brand known for their distinct look and annual rollout of trendy new styles and colors. Every year, they produce 10 to 12 different styles of skates that run the full range of price points.

Riedell skates are produced directly in correlation with market research each year. Riedell spends an ample amount of money on consumer advertising and market research to determine the features and benefits that customers find most appealing. They tweak their lineup to reflect advancements in technology, new features, and changes that are based solely on customer feedback. Botas ice skates are primarily used by hockey players of novice and intermediate skill. They feature unbeatable ankle support, solid construction, and easy-glide blades for maximum speed and agility.

Are All Kids Ice Skates Made The Same?

Most ice skates have mostly the same structure. They feature an ankle boot-style shoe that has metal blades on the bottom; the blades are securely screwed into the boot. With increased use, blades and screws can wear down over time. Screws and blades can be purchased individually for a customized pair of skates, or they can be purchased as part of a complete replacement set. If your child is a skilled skater, you may need to buy custom blades and have them installed by a professional to ensure that the fit, comfort, wear, and stability are precise.

The skating blades and boots are changed based on industry trends and the modern materials that are being utilized in the market by competitors. Synthetic materials are often lightweight, and molding foam is used inside the padding for maximum fit and comfort. As an added measure of comfort, and to help reduce bacteria from sweat, hydrophobic liners or high-quality leather linings are added to each boot’s interior.

Skate manufacturers set themselves apart from one another by tweaking a variety of the components: tongue, outsole, insole, ankle padding, and interior lining, heel lock mechanism, rocker and toe components. The way that the boots and blades are arranged offer other opportunities to set skate styles apart from competitors.

The Most Important Factor To Consider When Buying Kids Ice Skates

Whether you are buying girls ice skates or boys ice skates, you need to ensure that you are purchasing the perfect size for your child. A pair of skates that are either too large or too small can negatively impact form and comfort. Ill-fitting skates can also increase the risk of injury, and they will lack the proper alignment needed to support the ankles and feet.

If you choose to purchase ice skates for your child at a brick-and-mortar shop, have your child wiggle his or her toes to ensure mobility. A properly-fitted pair of ice skates will allow for toe wiggle. Foot width, foot span, and foot depth should all be measured by a professional. Jot down these measurements to keep for future use. If you choose to purchase ice skates online, you will need these measurements.

Distinctions Between The Different Types Of Ice Skates

Hockey Skates

Ice hockey skates have a very stiff outer shell. Despite the tough outer shell, the inner boot of an ice hockey skate is very soft and padded. Hockey skates provide the correct amount of exterior coverage and internal support to make them equally ideal for a child just learning to skate or a seasoned hockey player. The short and curved blade on a hockey skate has a distinct look, and hockey skates do not have first toe picks; this prevents your child from getting stuck in the ice since he or she is probably not attempting fancy tricks on hockey skates.

Figure Skates

Figure skates are designed for performing tricks, stunts, spins, and jumps. The front toe picks help a figure skater set off and stop on a dime. Most ice skates will have either three or four toe picks. A figure skate gets its distinct look from its exterior shell. They are comprised of synthetic or genuine leather. They are very stiff and uncomfortable, but this is necessary for maximum ankle and foot support to support pirouettes, jumps and technical tricks.

Hybrid Skates

For kids who are just learning to skate or who prefer a more comfortable ride, hybrid skates combine the benefits of both an inline skate and a traditional ice skate. Hybrid skates have the look and feel of a hockey boot or inline skate, but they offer a choice of either a hockey-style blade or a blade with toe picks.

3-in-1 Skates

There are also a variety of skates that offer interchangeable features that accommodate all different types of skating and every season. Inline skates can be changed out for roller derby wheels with ease. When hockey season starts, grab the blades and throw those on in a cinch. These types of skates offer slightly inferior parts and manufacturing, so they are not designed for intermediate or advanced skaters. They are great for recreational or beginning skaters. These types of ice skates are also ideal if you plan to enroll your child in skating classes. Many local community centers and skating rinks offer beginner and intermediate skating classes.

Shopping Online Versus Shopping At a Brick-And-Mortar Retailer

While shopping for kids ice skates in the store can help you determine the brands and fit requirements your child needs, you can save an exponential amount of money when you shop online. Additionally, online shops offer excellent support staff, an abundance of brands, colors, sizes, and styles to choose from, and you can customize selections based on your budget and price considerations.

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