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The Low Down On Ice Skating Accessories

An excellent sport, ice skating has none-the-less remained popular in the United States over the past few decades.  Estimations put the average number of people over the age of 6+ who enjoy ice skating up to 10.65 million in 2008 (and as high as 12.02 million in 2010.)  Ice skating is incredibly popular among children, providing a fantastic way for boys and girls to get exercise while also working on training, balance, determination, and skill building.  It remains a favorite sport for many who enjoy the use and beauty of it all.

The majority of products out there for ice skating have to do directly with the sport.  For example, the largest amount of sales is for skates and tights.  Also, there is a healthy market for protective gear used by those training and looking to take risks while improving their performance.  They are also frequently used for children who are still building the necessary coordination and whose parents worried about risk injury while on the ice.

Along with the market for gear directly relating to skating, there is also an industry for ice skating accessories.  Let’s take a moment and carefully look through the kinds of things that are sold as ice skating accessories.  But first, let us take a moment to examine what constitutes ice skating accessories.

What Are Ice Skating Accessories?

Ice skating accessories (also known as figure skating accessories) are things sold to people who skate.  They are not directly tied to the act of skating.  That being said, they can provide a whole range of active support.  The majority of ice skating accessories are made for children.  Specifically, they are marketed towards girl’s ages 6-19 who love ice skating and identify with the sport.  As a result, it is not uncommon to see a mass of stereotypically ‘girly’ products on sites and at stores.  That being said, there are ice skating accessories for professional female skaters, male skaters, and even boys.  More often than not, finding the right accessories will take some time and patience.

The price for ice skating accessories can differ dramatically as it depends on what the accessory is.  Typically, for accessories where there is competition, you will find better prices and more variation to select from.  For any age, ice skating accessories can make fantastic and thoughtful gifts as you support the interest and love of the person you have in mind.
In Conclusion:

While ice skating accessories are sold primarily to girls, you can find things for others with some careful searching
The price and quality of ice skating accessories will shift a lot depending on who is selling them
They make fantastic and thoughtful presents for someone you love
Can include things like guards, skates, skating bags, clothing, jewelry, and more

Different Types Of Ice Skating Accessories

As we will get to below, there is a wide selection of figure skating accessories to select from.  To make it easier, we have created categories for related accessories so that we can better examine the price and purpose.
There is a range of ice skating accessories specifically to wear underneath protective gear.  This includes things like cloth and gel guards as well as wraps.  Favorite products include ankle sleeves and guards.  While these accessories are not directly linked to performance, they do help to make the overall experience more enjoyable.  Along with reducing friction injury and damage from twists and overextensions, guards can be an excellent way to feel well protected when on the ice.  They also come in a range of colors, allowing you to select from what appeals to you.  While there are guards sold for children, there are also guards sold for professionals and adults who require more function than form.

One of the greatest ranges of ice skating accessories is for the skates themselves.  For example, different colors and textures of laces are ideal for decoration and style.  Laces can also be purchased that provide a tighter fit and can act as a replacement when the original lacing breaks down through use.  Laces typically run around $10 and can be purchased from a wide range of stores.

Skate guards are another favorite accessory that people use both for their functionality as well as to show their love of skating.  Skate guards are designed to go over the blades when you are not on the ice.  They help to keep the blades sharp and will result in less time spent by you having to sharpen them.  Skate guards come in a wide selection of forms and colors.  While some are strictly utilitarian, others can be highly decorative.  Some models of skate guards for kids are shaped like slippers and include the likeness of pets on the front.  Other skate guards can be fancy, utilizing technology in material science to change color depending on how cold the blades are.  Fun, elegant, and inexpensive, skate guards are an excellent way to make your skating experience unique both on and off the ice.

Boot covers are another consideration for useful ice skating accessories.  Boot covers are designed for on the ice and off the ice use.  When on the ice, boot covers hide the strings and blend the boots into a single uniform color.  The benefit of boot covers is that they can better match the outfit being worn while also protecting the boots themselves from damages thanks to ice.  They can also be a fun way to add color.  Along with the accessories listed here, there are even more available online, including many specialty products that will only appeal to someone who loves skating.

Skating Bags

Skating bags, as the name would suggest, hold skates, accessories, and anything else a skater needs.  Skating bags can be simple or deluxe, offering an array of pockets and transport options to make them easier to use.  An attractive easy to carry skating bag will be lightweight, fit the skates in, and have extra room for things like a change of clothes.  These bags will typically cost you around $30.  If you need something with more space that is easier to transport, then consider a rollable insert bag.  A rollable insert bag can be rolled by you with a handle while providing the space you need to store your things.

Like everything else relating to ice skating accessories, skating bags can change dramatically with their look based on who they are marketed towards.  While many of the bags are ideal for children, there are other bags specially made for adults that are a tuned down and more professional looking.  These bags typically go from $50 and above.
Some of the most popular ice skating accessories are clothing.  These can include complete outfits for non-competitive use or consist of a simple headband.  Skating pants for practice and fun are a commonly purchased accessory.  They will typically be bright, lively, and reference was skating in some way.  Gloves are another accessory that some kids and adults cannot live without.  Providing both protection against the cold as well as friction, gloves are an excellent way to express oneself while also serving a purpose.  Because of this, there is an incredible selection of skating specific as well as generic gloves to choose from.  While both are inexpensive, those labeled specifically for ice skating will typically cost a little bit more and may provide additional benefits when worn.   A final type of clothing to consider are ponytail headbands.  Colorful and capable of keeping sweat and hair away from the face, ponytail headbands are perfect for those who love to wear their hair in a ponytail while keeping things out of their face.
One of the most diverse forms of skating accessories, jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes.  Depending on the manufacturer, ice skating related jewelry can be affordable or incredibly expensive.  While some jewelers provide for a limited high-end market, there are also suppliers capable of producing good pieces of jewelry on a budget.

Earrings are a modern form of skating jewelry.  They can be worn during competition or simply as a sign to show others something that you love.  They make fantastic gifts and can range from fun to professional.  Earrings will typically cost a little bit more than other forms of ice skating jewelry.  However, with a great deal of potential use and a fantastic way to show what you love, earrings are a great accessory.

Necklaces are another great way to customize your look with ice skating themed jewelry.  Many skaters, (especially younger skaters) wear a pendant necklace in the issue of ice skating.  Such jewelry is ideal for everyday use as well as when ice skating.  Charm bracelets are another popular choice, as well as crunches and decorative headbands.  Broaches as well help to add a little class and show off a love that many will have spent hours refining and improving.
Along with what was written about above, there are even more accessories worth considering that do not easily fall into one category or another.  For example, there is an entire cottage industry focused on creating water bottles with messages on them.  For example, “Keep Calm, and Skate On” is a common message for those who enjoy the sport.  There are also things like pens and pencils that have designs and writings similar to the water bottle.  The possible range of ice skating accessories goes as far as doll clothes.  Providing an ice skating themed outfit for individuals with things like American Dolls, the different industry for figure skating accessories is alive and well.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing Figure Skating Accessories?

What Is The Purpose Of Getting Them?

Are you getting the accessories for yourself or as a gift for another person?  How serious are you or the other person about ice skating?  Are quality, durability, and design required or is it more decorative and fun?  Work out who are you purchasing the gift for and what do they need out of it.  Doing so will help you to determine the quality level of the product.  This, in turn, will help you to determine how much you should spend.

Search What Is Out There

With a few hours worth of searching, you will be able to come up with an extensive list of just about any time of ice skating accessory.  Simply put, there are a lot of options out there, and they are not always easy to find.  Read reviews left by other people who purchased what you are considering.  What did they think about their purchase and was it worth it to them?  Consider your needs as well as the price before either deciding for or against.

Coming Up With A Price That Works For You

When it comes to skating accessories, price does matter.  The more affordable the accessory, the lower quality it will be.  Pretty much without exemption, you can be guaranteed that the money you put in will translate into something that lasts longer.  Also, many people consider real quality critical for some accessories, like jewelry.  Again and again, knowing what you want and what the person wants who is receiving it as a gift is crucial for you to get the right thing.
Final Thoughts
Ice skating accessories are the perfect way to get things for a sport that you love.  Also, they can be an excellent way to show your love and support when given as a gift.  As reviewed above in greater detail, there is an incredible amount of selection available when considering ice skating accessories.  If you are new to this world of products, then it will take some time to read reviews and become familiar with what is worth getting and what is worth passing by.  What do you ultimately decide to get depends on who are you shopping for, what their interests are, and how much are you considering spending?  With a little bit of research, you will no doubt find the perfect ice skating accessories in no time at all.