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Do You Want to Buy Quad Roller Skates?

Quad skates have four wheels and they are designed to make roller skating truly enjoyable. However, all quad roller skates are not created equal! When it comes to finding the right quad roller skates, you’ll need to consider some factors, including brand reputation, budget and who will be wearing the skates (you, your kids, etc.).

Today, we’re going to share some important information about these types of roller skates. Our goal is to help you find the quad roller skates which are perfect for your needs. Once you’ve learned how to shop for these fun skates, you’ll be ready to find the perfect pair in no time flat. When you’re ready to shop, we recommend that you browse styles at our Skates Guru online store.

Our buyers know which styles are the most impressive and they’ve put together an inventory which is really remarkable. We don’t overprice our high-quality roller skates, so you’ll love the value that you find at our shop.

How to Shop for Quad Roller Skates

Usually, people choose quad-style roller skates because they offer superior grip when compared to inline-style roller skates. As well, quad skates may be more appropriate for certain activities, such as roller derby skating or roller skating with dance/creative elements. When it comes to shopping for quad roller skates, the best option is to think about brand. Once you’ve reviewed product options at our store, take the time to research brands and see which ones appeal to you. Our buyers have chosen quad styles from some wonderful manufacturers.

All of our roller skate manufacturers are impressive. However, one of them may be more appealing to you and it’s pretty easy to get the inside scoop on roller skate brands by looking up manufacturer reviews and product reviews for that brand. Once you do a little research, you may narrow the field and decide that a particular brand is right for you.

Aside from brand, you’ll need to think about features. For example, some roller skates of this type may be made from man-made materials and others may be crafted from leather. When you check product details at our website, you should be able to find lots of information on features. It’s all about seeing which features are common in these designs and then deciding which features are most important to you. Everyone is different and this is why we recommend choosing features which suit your needs to perfection.

High-top boots which support the ankle are one common feature of these styles of roller skates. It is good to have this ankle support while you’re rolling, so looking for a high-top design will be smart. Most manufacturers offer high-top styles because they are the most practical and supportive. In addition, most quad roller skates come with Aluminum plates and some have toe stops. Wheels should be included and you’ll be able to buy replacement wheels once the included wheels have worn out.

So, think about materials and features. Which ones are best for your needs? Shopping around at our store will be a great way to compare styles. You’ll find that the styles that we offer do have excellent features, as our buyers are roller skating experts. We also offer a host of other skate styles for kids, teens and adults of both sexes, including figure skates, hockey skates and recreational skates. There are load of options and we’re also proud to offer the right skating accessories, from skate blade covers to skating apparel to carry cases for skates and skating gear…and beyond!

You deserve the best, so why not visit our online shop today?

Now, let’s talk some more about what to think about while you’re shopping around for roller skates with four wheels!

Which Price Point is Right for You?

Some roller skates are basic and affordable. They’ll probably have man-made uppers, such as hard plastic or softer PVC. They’ll be of good quality, but they won’t have some “bells and whistles” that you’ll find in more expensive models, such as fine leather uppers. In general, styles at the basic price point are ok for recreational roller skaters. However, they probably won’t give you a competitive edge during competitions. If you want to push yourself as an athlete, it’s probably better to invest in quad roller skates which are ideal for competitions.

We offer roller skates at the basic, mid-range and high-end price points. We know that our customers deserve superior variety. While our stock changes regularly, we make sure that our customers always have choices. Since some people just can’t afford to spend a lot of money on roller skates, we always ensure that our styles are competitively-priced. We’re catering to all kinds of people, from parents who want to outfit their children with roller skates to teens who want to enjoy roller skating with friends to adults who want to win in roller derby and other competitive athletic events. With this in mind, we make a concerted effort to offer exactly what is needed. We are proud of our selection and we encourage you to check out our great prices today.

Why Choose Quad Skates, Anyway?

First of all, these styles of roller skates are really very versatile. It’s easy to turn while wearing them and they have all of the stability that four wheels bring! When you choose these skates, you’ll get two wheels in the front of the skate and two wheels in the back. As well, most styles will comes with rubber breaks or toe stops. These make it easier to stop when you need to! Since quad skates have a bigger “footprint”, they are definitely more stable than inline designs and they also provide exceptional support in the ankle area. As well, quad skates look good. They have a classic look. The truth is that the first roller skates came with four wheels, so they styles are definitely very traditional and fun to wear.

You won’t need to have a particular skill level in order to wear these skates. People of all skill levels wear them. Naturally, if you’re a beginner, you’ll need to do some learning in order to master your new skates. However, these styles usually don’t wobble in one direction or the other, and this means that they are pretty safe. There is always risk with roller skating, on any skates, so you should always take care to protect yourself, by learning how to skate properly and by wearing the right gear. If you’re new to roller skating, try to learn with a friend. It’s good to have someone there in case you fall.

Most beginners are able to learn quickly. It’s all about discovering the best ways to speed up, turn on skates and then slow down or stop. It’s possible for people who wear these skates to complete full turns by leaning to a chosen side. Lack of wobble means dependable performance. People wear these types of skates at roller derby rinks and other types of roller skating rinks.

Those who like to add dance moves while on roller skates typically do choose quad styles, as they are ideal for disco-style performances and jamming. You will find it easier to perform freestyle dance moves which are very creative when you are wearing roller skates with four wheels.

How to Learn the Basics

In terms of learning, most people don’t take lessons in order to master roller skating on four wheels. However, lessons may be available in your own community if you want to take them. There are also plenty of tutorials online which help new skaters to master the basics. Intermediate and advanced skaters may also find impressive learning materials online. There is always something new to learn and the Web makes it easy to discover new information which helps to develop skills.

Why Buy From Us?

A Skates Guru, we’re proud to be a respected part of the global skating community. We offer tons of skate styles and all of them are of superb quality. Parents trust us to offer affordable and appropriate skates and related gear which is just right for their kids. We do help families to get their kids kitted out in the right skates and apparel.

Our accessories are also second to none. However, we serve more than families. We also help pro skaters to find what they need for competitive skating and we give amateur skaters the equipment that they need in order to improve and become the best skaters that they can be. Since we offer a lot of options, we are proud of what we do.

We’re also proud to price fairly, as we know that skaters typically have a lot of expenses related to the sport. Unlike some skate suppliers, we don’t overprice our inventory. This is why our customers keep coming back!

However, we offer more than good prices and a wide inventory of high-quality skates and skating gear. We also offer honest and friendly customer service. If you have questions about what we do, we encourage you to get in touch with our team today. We’ll make sure that you receive prompt and polite answers to any questions that you have. As well, when you choose us, you’ll access a wonderful online store which is so easy to shop at. We know that you want to find what you need and we’ve included a handy internal search engine, as well as categories which make it simple to browse everything that you want to look at.

We are pleased to offer a secure shopping experience to our customers, In order to get the ball rolling, just register at our website today. We’ve made the registration process very quick and simple. In mere moments, you’ll be able to sign up and then start shopping. Just click on what you want once you’ve registered and then add any details which are required, such as which size of skates you want and which colour is preferred. Every product is different, but we’ve designed our website so there isn’t any guesswork. This means that you’ll be prompted to fill out any information which is important.

Now that you know more about us and why you should choose us, be sure to browse our quad roller skates and other skate styles today. In addition to our skates, we offer some amazing skating apparel, such as skating dresses, skating pants and warm-up clothing. We also carry tights and all of the things that skaters need in order to be comfortable and enjoy a full range of motions on the ice or at the roller rink.

Again, if you have questions about what we do, we encourage you to connect with us today. We’re standing by to offer the customer support that you need. As well, if you aren’t sure which skates are right for you or for your child, you may contact us and we’ll be happy to offer some expert guidance. In general, our product details offer all of the information that people need.

We are proud of the brands that we carry and we think that you’ll love what we stock at our online store. The key to unlocking deals on high-quality quad skates and more is signing up at our website today.

Why Not Shop for Skates Now?

Now is the right time to shop for skates, whether they are quad roller designs, figure skates or hockey skates. We hope that this detailed guide has given you the help that you need. We know that skates are an investment and we want you to choose wisely. As well, we really want you to have fun while you’re skating on ice or roller skating. This is why we’ve tried our best to explain clearly exactly what you should think about and look for before you make a final decision about which skates to buy.

Thanks for visiting us today. We hope that you’ll check our our Skates Guru online storefront while you are here.