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Puerto Rico’s Coolest Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena

Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena at night

Imagine enjoying world class facility in the Caribbean! Welcome to the Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena in Puerto Rico. Known as A.I.S.A in short, this is a facility that has been in existence for the last 11 years. Since its inception, it has been hosting world -class ice skating activities. One would be interested to find out why this facility has continued to wow for all these years.


It is fitted with a rink in the first floor. The arena facilitates the ice skating competitions at any one given time. A rink is this case refers to the icy surface where one can skate on.

Easily accessible dining room

After a grueling ice skating session, you can have your favorite dishes in the dining room provided within the facility. It is also located on the first floor.

Excellent meeting rooms

On the first floor, you will find the meeting rooms where visitors can have their meetings.

There is a second floor where you will mostly find the music room .here, the city band belts out your favorite tunes.

There are some things that you have to know before setting out for the Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena.

Open throughout

This Aguadilla ice skating arena is never closed for business in the 365 days of the year. It is a multiple- use facilities which convenience that you will not find anywhere else.

Multiple applications facility

The service remains the top, must-visit facility for the sports enthusiast. Its location is easy to find and access right from your hotel in the city of the Puerto Rico. It is not just used for ice skating. You will find other sporting activities like roller skating and bowling.

There is much more that you will learn about this facility. It is the only the one of its kind in the entire region. This places at the center of the Puerto Rico where several sports can be arranged, not just ice skating.


Many people who have reviewed this impressive facility have compared it to a romantic night full of hugs and kisses. Rightly so, the Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena in Puerto Rico. You will enjoy the large sporting action before your eyes in the icy waters. Take a 5 -minute drive from your hotel (Paseo Colon Plaza Placido) and you will find yourself this fantastic sporting facility.

Coolest side of Puerto Rico

This western part of Puerto Rico may as well be regarded as the coolest part to hang out, quite literally. The temperatures indoors are quite small, but this does not stop so much energized action. The rink is a public utility, so you will naturally find the place overcrowded. Though there is a small fee charged to those who want to skate, the entrance is free. The prerequisite to getting the rented skates is to have a pair of socks.

Those desirous to rent the place for wedding parties, birthdays will find the convenience the facilities offer.