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Purple Ice Skates

purple ice skates

Most people that go ice skating now and then never stop to think about the color of their ice skates. However, the professional ice skaters out in the figure skating the world know that everything matters—even the color of their ice skates.

Picking the Color

There comes a time in every amateur or professional ice skater’s life when they buy their first pair of ice skates. Now the obvious questions come to mind when picking a shoe— “where can I get the best price” and “where can I get the best fit?” However, “should I buy purple ice skates?” is another question you may not have quite considered.

When it comes to skating attire, the right color can make or break an outfit, and even a career. For the professional figure skater, the colors worn in a competition can stand out just as much as the quality of skating. In this kind of scenario, choosing to wear purple ice skates can mean a lot more than you think.

What it Means

Choosing to wear a certain color as a professional figure skater has to be an intentional choice that goes with your performance. Traditionally, figure skaters are allowed to wear white and black skating boots, for women and men respectively. If a skater were to wear purple ice skates for an important competition, the chances are that they will simply distract from the performance.

For recreational ice skaters, colored ice skating boots are quickly becoming a popular alternative to the standard colors. These days, ice skating boots can come as purple ice skates, blue ice skates, and pink ice skates, to name a few. Ice skating boots of different colors often light up the skating session and make the experience a bit more enjoyable.

You Have Options

The great thing about having different color options for ice skates is the freedom to dress up your look. Even professional ice skaters that may not be allowed to wear purple ice skates during the competition may purchase a few pairs in different colors for their recreational skating sessions.

While the color of the ice skates will never change the quality of the skates or the quality of the skater’s performance, having the option to wear purple ice skates can help a skater carve out their identity and individuality. The best way to make an impression is to be different, and wearing different colored ice skates may become your trademark.