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Reasons To Choose Ice Skating, Idaho Falls


Those who have skated in the winter frozen and snow-covered Idaho Falls will tell you that it is an out of this world experience. There is plenty that you will stand to get with ice skating Idaho Falls. They include:

Laser lights

The skating in the falls is never complete without the dazzling lasers lighting up the nights. Skaters here have the day and night of showdown. You wouldn’t want to miss even one bit of it.

Cool music

The light music that is played in the background adds to the fun as you glide on the ice surface.


There is crazy fun at this place and in particular, the skates that have a whole day and night to perform all antics while skating. The unforgettable skating experience is etched in the memory of those who have been at the falls before.

Rentals for the skates

Some skates are readily available for those who want to hire them. In the winter season, many people come to borrow them for use in the rink that is outdoors. It is strategically placed on the ice arena to the east. The Marmo or the Lehto is the name of the arena where you will pick go for the rentals, subject to the weather permitting the skating.

It is important to note in foul weather; skating could prove very dangerous. The management of the place enhances the security of every skater by ensuring all is clear for the smooth glide.

Ice facility

The Marmo above/Lehto arena is a highly excellent ice skating facility. If you are looking for the best quality hockey as well a wide variety of programs for ice skating, this is the venue to be. It is located in the south -eastern side of Idaho State. It is also in this location where you will find the figure skating.

Ice skating for the youth

Is a young person who is desirous of becoming a pro in ice skating?  There are great skating lessons on offer.

Indoor ice skating

When the weather goes from bad to worse, you and your family will still enjoy fabulous indoor activities provided at this place.

Power control/edge control

The hockey players need to better their skills when skating. This ability is improved at some of the clinics situated here.

Recreation facilities

Those who do not come for the skating will still find the ice skating Idaho Falls a good place. There are varieties of entertainment events hosted here.

The Marmo/Wayne Arena has floors with the first floor consisting of a snack bar, rental shop, lobby area and locker room facilities.

The various user groups will find the place highly affordable.There is plenty of competitions and tournaments to watch.

Fantastic ice rinks

It would be unfair to conclude without saying something about the rinks. They are suitably made for both the outdoor and indoor.

Whether you a are an avid skater or stepping out as a beginner, you will find commonality with the place.