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Recreational Sport – Roller Skates For Kids

roller skates for kids

Both children and adults love the recreational sport that involves roller skating.

They get a lot of fun in traveling on roller skates from one place to another on flat surfaces. This sport became popular in the nineties when small wheels made of polyurethane were developed for the skates. Similar to ice rinks, enclosures came up where children and adults started using these skates to have a good time. The roller skate helped them to move without walking that was very exciting. Soon roller skates online were made available through retail stores with various sizes for both children and adults.

Types Of Equipment

Children were so excited with this new contraption that many of them started using them to go to school instead of walking all the way. Nowadays the roller skates are available in different varieties. The first roller skate for each foot was made up of a steel platform in the shape of the foot and equipped with four wheels on which the person can stand. The skates with four wheels for each foot are the most stable of all the varieties that are available. Other types have a single row of four wheels or a blade just like the boots used for ice skating. Only the blades here do not have sharp edges but blunt strips. Single wheeled skates have been invented earlier which were the predecessors of the modern roller skates, but they were not very successful designs.

Original Equipment Design

The first roller skate was like ice skating shoes with rollers instead of the blade. They completely covered the feet like a boot and were tough to steer. Also, they did not have brakes to stop. Using a pair of roller skates is not as easy as it looks. You have to learn how to stand in one place without falling on your back every time you try to stand up. For some people, roller skating is harder than skating on ice though you can become an expert if you try the various tricks that can help you stop and go with them on your feet. The new roller skates for kids
online that you can buy are the result of the evolution of the original design.

Using The Equipment

Pressing the ground alternately with each foot provides the forward motion that is the second part of the lesson that you have to learn. Once you are adept at handling roller skates with four wheels, you can change over to the rollers skates with four wheels in a row. Using these roller skates requires a greater amount of skill and should be tried only when you have become an expert on the variety having four wheels on two rows that are more stable. You can also try the roller skates with the steel blades but be careful while using them as you can get hurt seriously if you are not an expert on roller skates for kids.

Pastime To Competition

You can get roller skates for kids in almost every sports shop in the country. The sport that used to be used only for having fun at the skating rink soon became a competitive sport. The inline form of roller skates with one row of wheels became the main accessory for this type of competition. Roller skates were used in games like hockey and speed skating just like the items that are included in ice skating championships. People started to buy roller skates of different varieties with the exploding popularity of the sport. Even national bodies were formed to hold competitions in the country.