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Reston Town Center Ice Skating

Reston Town Center ice skating pavilion

It is only in Reston town center ice skating where you can get to go for outdoor skating in winter, cess the season passes, skates for rent and excellent lessons in skating. But this is just one side of this great center in Virginia. There is Arts festival, concerts and a pavilion to boot.

Wide hours of operation

The many hours that this place is open helps to facilitate the multiple programs.One will find the place open on different dates of the week.

Skating sessions

One can get admitted to either the cartoon or the Roll ‘n’ skate. The college students get admitted for the skate night.

How to best make use of the pavilion

It is for one converted to a rink for skaters to do their thing.


The Reston town center ice skating is your one-stop shop for all your party events. Whether you are having a corporate or private party, you will find the venue quite accommodative.

There is an additional place for the less informal parties such as the birthday parties. Admission passes are facilitated birthday kids. This is pushed forward for a later date use.

Skating instructions

If you would want to get skating instructions, these are provided for a small fee.

Fundraising opportunities

The center allows for fundraising to take place


The center is involved in community welfare whereby they use skating to raise funds for education support. Skate passes are also provided to encourage the support towards this initiative.

Seasonal skating

The pavilion at the center holds a special place in the hearts of those who want to take part in ice skating. It facilitates extended for the public skating. This is no mean feat for a center of its caliber.

Skate shop

If you would like to sample the over 500 pairs of the heavily stocked skates, you will most likely find the size that you need. Kids and adults alike are well catered for such that you will find your pair as well your child’s size.  Try out the various hockey styles and figure skating.

Which are the recommended skates?

Well, this depends on your level but generally speaking, beginners are advised to start off with the skates with double blades. Walking across the ice is not easy, precisely why you would best the flat edged ones.Progressively, you will be able to use the single blades mainly reserved for the professionals.

What do reviewers say?

At the end of the day, what matters is whether you are getting value for money. Most of those reviewed gave it an average of 4.3-star rating. The deemed the center to be a good destination for skating and hockey and as a holiday destination.

Perhaps the only complaint received from the reviews was that the cost is a bit prohibitive. If the management works to improve the value, then this would be better placed to be this oncoming holiday. All in all, everyone will just love the beautiful ice center.