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Is Riedell Skates Right For You? Let’s Find Out

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Ice skating combines balance, speed, and form a singularly graceful and powerful display of skill.  Along with years of dedicated effort, the top ice skaters rely on gear that will allow them to skate to their fullest potential.  Serviced by some companies that produce top quality ice skates, finding the right pair of skates for you can be a challenge.  That is why we have taken a moment to describe one of the best-known ice skating companies, Riedell Skates, to see if it is the right brand for your needs on the ice.

A History Of Superior Quality

The Riedell Skates Company was making quality ice skates from the start.  More than 70 years ago, the founders Paul and Sophie Riedell Skates started a business creating top of the line ice skates.  Utilizing their skill and experience along with a familiarity of what ice skaters required, they spent their careers building a superior ice skate.

Generations later, their hard work has become the basis for dozens of models of ice skates now sold by the company.  Continuing the business philosophy of superior quality and design, every generation of ice skates have improved on existing models, utilizing new materials and techniques to create a better skating experience.  This has led to some breakthroughs that help to set the company apart from its competition.

Assembled with materials designed with an ice skater in mind, you get the most out of the speed, support, and dexterity offered by these skates.  Riedell Skates has been an established name for quite some time, and their ice skates have been featured in Olympic competitions and are considered race worthy.  Whether you are experienced or just starting out today, getting a pair of Riedell Skates Ice skates can be seen as an investment in improving your performance in a sport you love.

Features of Riedell Skates Worth Considering

Riedell skates feature many design components not seen in other states.  The first is the Eclipse Blades.  Owned by the Riedell Skates Company, the Eclipse Blades provide superior traction, glide, and power.  Utilizing a design unique to the company blades, going with a pair of their ice skates means having one that is carefully crafted for maximum ability.

Many of the Riedell skates feature an open throat design.  The open throat design allows for a better overall fit supported through a wider pattern.  Minor changes in your foot size will not have to result in you getting a new pair of skates thanks to this feature.

The Forefoot Flex is another feature that the Riedell company prides itself on providing for its clients.  Properly supporting your little toe, the shoes are designed to lessen parts of your feet that may experience more frequent impact.  The ball joint inside the boot structure reduces impact and does a better job at distributing the force.

Want an internal material in your skates that is comfortable and smooth?  The kangaroo leather used by Riedell provides a level of comfort rarely seen with ice skates.  Providing a very soft experience, you will not want to take your skates off.

Last but not least, Riedell supports its skates with some accessories sold by the company.  Some of these accessories include things like transportation and travel bags, liners for the blades, and socks that cover and protect the skates.  Also, the company also sells footbed kits and the laces used by the enterprise.

Skates Offered By The Company & Availability On Skates Guru

As stated earlier, the company has dozens of skates under its name.  Some of the newest and most exciting models released by the firm include the 114 Pearl, the 119 Emerald, the 133 Diamond, the 223 Stride, the 229 Edge, the 255 Motion, the 435 Bronze Star, the 875 Silver Star, the 910 Flair, the 1375 Gold Star, the 2010 Fusion, and the 3030 Aria.  While Skates Guru is currently sold out of their stock of Riedell skates, they have sold the Riedell 10, the Riedell 13, the Riedell 113, the Riedell 615, and the Riedell 625 in the past.  Check in from time to time to see if stocks have been refilled and contact the company directly to inquire about inventory and future availability.

Is Riedell Right For You?

This is a company you will want to consider if quality and craftsmanship are important to you.  While they do have many blades for beginners, most people who prefer this brand do so because they want blades that will last over time while providing superior comfort.  Most popular in the intermediate level, you will also occasionally see individuals on the international stage use these blades for competition.  Due to their cost, most people just getting into the sport will opt for something a little less expensive.  However, if you want blades that are well ranked, come from generations of quality and craftsmanship, and have been used by winners for decades, then the Riedell blades are right for you.

Why You Should Consider Riedell Skates

  • The Riedell Skates company has more than seven decades experience making blades
  • Include the specially designed Eclipse Blade
  • Some states use open throat design, kangaroo leather, and Forefoot Flex for superior support and comfort
  • Created by a company that prides itself on its skates
  • An excellent choice for intermediate level use
  • A wide selection of skates available for you to select from