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Which Roller Skate Wheels to Buy?

roller skate wheels

The importance of roller skate wheels cannot be underestimated.

They will determine how easily you can maneuver and the speed at which you can skate. Therefore choosing the right wheels to use is very crucial to your skating experience. It is almost as important as the skates themselves. Whether you skate for fun, dance or even race you need to choose the right skating wheels. With so many out there, which ones should you choose? Here are some things you should bear in mind.

Where will you be skating?

Will you be skating indoors, outdoors or on an individual surface? The answer to this question is critical. It will determine how hard the roller skate wheels you choose need to be. A soft wheel offers you a smooth ride needed on the bumpy outdoor surface. These may also be useful in skating indoors where the floor is slippery and needs more grip. Harder wheels, on the other hand, provide less grip and will, therefore, help you skate faster and do stunts with ease. They are ideal for use on indoor coated surfaces and are the best option for experienced skaters. When choosing look at the Durometer rating allocated to the wheel. The range is from 78A to 103A. The lower the value, the softer the wheel is.

Wheel size

The diameter of the roller skate wheel determines the height of your skates. This affects several attributes of your skating including roll time, stability, and acceleration. Taller wheels make the skates heavier and hence reduce the stability. If you want to be more stable short wheels are the best option. This will allow you lots of maneuverability as needed in derbies. They are less speedy hence ideal for beginners who need to brake faster so as to avoid accidents. On the other hand, taller roller skate wheels are ideal for use in racing since they offer more roll time, that is, the time the wheels will keep rolling before you apply additional force. They also offer high speeds.

The skater’s weight

The weight of the skater will determine how much grip the roller skate wheels will have on the ground. Heavier people (around 200 pounds and above) should consider getting wheels that have less grip. This is because the heavyweight applies more force on the wheels increasing the grip obtained from the roller skates. So, if you are heavy, consider choosing wheels with a higher Durometer rating. If you weigh less than 100 pounds, go for lower Durometer rated roller skate wheels.