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Rollerblade Basics – Types of Rollerblades


Rollerblading, aside from being a healthy activity, can also be rewarding and at the same time an excellent way to express yourself. There are different kinds of rollerblading that kids and adults can both experience: aggressive and freestyle skating.

Roller skates were the grandparents or rollerblades. The concept behind rollerblades is to allow ice skaters to train all year -round regardless of weather, with and without ice. It was in the ’80s when rollerblades became popular, although they were created earlier than that.

Rollerblade types depend on the types of skaters and their skating style. The skating level and the age of the skates should also be considered when choosing the proper rollerblades. For example, competitive skaters, those who would do hand rail slides and stair jumps would prefer skates with high, hard boot and smaller wheels for easy maneuvering.

Aggressive skating is often categorized as an extreme sport, because of the dangers of the different tricks used in aggressive skating. These stunts need the skaters to have a very advanced skating skill, aside from that sturdy and vigorous skates are also required. When choosing aggressive skates, be sure that it allows you to change the wheels and bearings quickly and it is comfortable. Aggressive skates would also carry a built-in grind plates and bearings that could resist dents and dirt.

Aside from aggressive rollerblades, there are also skates called “recreational skates.” This is the general one and ideal for beginners. It is known for its comfort and durability. Fitness skates and recreational skates are often confused with each other. Fitness skates are more expensive than recreational since they are made of more durable material. Fitness skates are suited for those who often rollerblade, especially those who do it as part of their “fitness” and exercise routine.

Another type is the speed skates which are, of course, built for speed. There are different kinds of specialized skates based on the activities they would be used. Hockey inline skates are made specialized since they are designed to be just like hockey ice skates. The same as aggressive skates, they also have smaller wheels for better maneuverability.Whether you are choosing skates for racing, as part of exercise routine, dynamic routine or just for fun, it is important to choose the best quality fit for your budget. You can upgrade your skates later on. Choosing rollerblades that are of best quality would surely enhance your rollerblading experience word