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Sagester was founded in 1980 by husband and wife team Ester and Donato Saggin. The brand, now world renown for their creativity and superb craftsmanship, had remarkably humble beginnings. The couple’s two daughters, Elena and Roberta, were in love with artistic gymnastics, and mother Ester wanted her girls to feel unique and beautiful as though they were the true fairy tale, princesses. With this maternal drive fueling her, Ester began creating Elena and Roberta handmade costumes for their gymnastic competitions. When the other mothers saw how beautiful and well-made these costumes were, they began asking Ester to create costumes for their daughters, as well. With father Donato leading the business efforts, and mother Ester handcrafting her unique pieces, the Sagester brand was born.

Decades later, after the launch of their website and creation of their catalog, Sagester has become the first Italian brand to represent high fashion in sports, and the two little girls who were their mother’s inspiration have now joined their parents in the family business. With each model being designed by experts, with technical fabrics and accessories specific to each sport, Sagester has been represented in competitions worldwide. In fact, as of 2013, Sagester had negotiated international distribution agreements to become the most established European brand for high fashion in sports.

Ice Skating Line

The Sagester ice skating line was founded in 1988. The use of superior quality materials, authentic Swarovski crystals, and unique fairy-tale designs has made an impact on numerous professional ice skaters. Just a few of the many figure skaters to have proudly sported the Sagester brand in competitions include Pasquale Camerlengo, Stefania Callegari, Tony Bombardier, Barbara Fugarpoli, Roberta Rodegherio, Sonia Lafuente, Stefania Burton, and Francesco Rio.

Body Leotards & Overalls

Sagester creates body leotards and overalls for everyday practice and competitions, in sizes ranging from extra small through extra large to ensure there is a perfect fit for every athlete. Their creative designs include a variety of embellishments and stylings. High, scoop and round necklines are paired with long, short, or capped sleeves. Backs may be open, cross-strapped, or closed, to suit the individual’s preferences.

High-quality materials like lycra, technical, Dakota, and lace are paired with hand-sewn features like bows, genuine Swarovski crystals, inserts, and front zippers. The color availability is astounding, featuring classic blacks and nudes for the reserved professional, as well as reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and pinks for those looking to make a bold statement.

Dresses (Adults, Juniors, Girls)

Enchanting dresses with a decidedly princess feel are available for girls (sizes extra small to medium), juniors, and adults (extra small to extra large). This is where Sagester’s originality and craftsmanship really shine – every single dress is absolutely astonishing, with the highest attention paid to even the smallest of details. Only the absolute best technical fabrics, with options such as velvet and thermal, are used.

Even the everyday practice dresses come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Adults have long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or sleeveless options, paired with high, round, or scooped necklines and a variety of backings. Skirts come in both long and short designs, flared or netted to preference, in color schemes running the gambit from black and white to blue and purple. Style features and embellishments include lace inserts or overlays, strategically placed bows, authentic Swarovski crystals, fake zippers, and plenty of glitter to make every woman shine.

Although the children’s dresses are just as beautiful as the adults, they are obviously designed with the innocence and beauty of youth in mind. Attractively bright colors such as purple, pink, yellow, and green are used with sturdy fabrics like thermal, lira, and chiffon to create fairy tale designs every little girl will feel special wearing. Flared skirts and high or round necklines are paired with both long and short sleeves. Custom features include just the right amount of lace and glitter for every little girl.

Competition dresses run the gambit of styles, ensuring every competitor will find a dress that is “just right” for their routine. An incredibly wide assortment of necklines, hems, backs, and skirts are paired with every color imaginable. High-quality materials are adorned with lace, bows, fringe, glitter, rhinestones, logos, graphics, inserts, and of course, the infamously gorgeous Swarovski crystals.


The ability to pair one of Sagester’s close-fitting body leotards or vests with a wide variety of skirts, pants, and shorts, means you will be able to create a look that is uniquely “you” – even during practice. That beautifully royal feeling doesn’t have to be reserved for competitions. With a complete Sagester look, every figure skater can enjoy that delightful feeling daily.

Short or long skirts are available in color schemes featuring white, black, pink, blue, purple, and red. Flared and wrapped styles are available, both featuring shorts underneath for modesty. Carefully placed accents like ruffles, lace, crystals, and inserts allow each skirt a uniquely beautiful feel.

Whether you desire a fitted style of pants for the expert, or a stuffed styling to ease the falls of a beginner, Sagester’s collection of bottoms contains exactly what you need. Available colors include black, pink, green, orange, blue, and white, in either thermal or dakota fabrics. Embellishments such as Snap-On gems, crystals, rhinestones, seamless fitting, cover-skate heels, side zippers, logos, inspirational messages, and pockets are available.


A jacket has the ability to both complete your look and keep you warm…a true win-win situation. Depending upon personal preference, athletes may choose from wraps, close-fitting, new fit, or zippered front jackets in both long and short sleeved designs. Traditional black and white colors are available, along with bright blues, pinks, greens, oranges, and yellows. Many jackets have been expertly designed to match with other Sagester pieces, like vests, jackets, dresses, and overalls.


Vests are available in black, red, white, purple, or blue technical materials. A snug fit ensures figure skaters will stay warm without restricting body movement. Round or high necklines have been artfully paired with strap-crossed or full backings, in both long and short sleeved designs. Artistically placed bows, lace, rhinestones, graphics, glitter, logos, and bona fide Swarovski crystals are available. Alternatively, sleek classical designs without bold embellishments or features are also available.

Men & Boys

Just as every woman should feel like a queen and every girl like a princess, so should every man or boy have the opportunity to feel like a prince. The Sagester ice skating line for men and boys contains sleek, handsome designs in masculine color schemes like classic black, neutral gray, elegant blue, and distinguished red.

Fitted and non-fitted pants are available both with or without a belt, in high-quality lycra or thermal materials. These carefully handcrafted bottoms may be paired with a high-neck thermal sweater or V-neck tees made of technical fabric. A fitted, paneled jacket with a front zipper (with or without colored accents) will complete any prince’s look.

The true piece de la resistance of Sagester’s male line, however, is their button-up shirt, available in either black or white. The dress shirt features buttons in mother of pearl, with an opened neckline to supply the utmost in male high fashion without compromising the highest level of comfort their brand is infamous for.

In & Out Line

Sagester’s cutting edge In & Out Line is made to provide support and comfort for every athlete. Microsense fabric is a light material providing maximum comfort that dries quickly. The In & Out Line combines incredible softness and supreme elegance for a product that fits all your needs at once. The design, featuring matching top and bottoms, is currently available in pink, blue, yellow, or black. The line also features a beautifully warm fleece sweater in either a soft pink or neon green.

Applications, Accessories, & Tights

Sagester rounds out it’s ice skating line with an incredibly wide assortment of accessories. Applications to make every piece unique to you are available. These rhinestone decals cover a wide variety of themes, from stars and butterflies to winter themes and skating positions. Also available are high-quality nude tights in designs to fit over or beneath your skates, with or without additional detailing.

Blade covers are available to keep your ice skates in their best condition when not in use. Designs for both adults and children are available. Adult blade covers come in an incredibly diverse range of colors, in glitter, jelly, or pearl designs. For children, Sagester offers adorable plush covers in a wide variety endearing animal designs, sure to include your daughter’s favorite animal. A few of the animals featured among included: Cow, Cat, Bee, Dog, Bird, Parrot, Pig, Fish

Beautiful headbands, with rhinestone embellishment, featuring an over-the-ear fit to keep you warm are available in white, red, blue, and black. If headbands aren’t quite your style, fitted caps in green and pink are also available.

Gloves, both decorative and utilitarian, are offered in black, white, or nude. Features available include elastic wrists, safe grips, and Swarovski crystal insets. Sagester’s ice skating line also features a general assortment of bags, bras, and legwarmers.