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How to Shop for Figure Skating Competition Dresses


If you want to wow judges during figure skating competitions, you should know that your image will play a role in how high or low you get marked. While judges are trained to rate technique, artistry, and athleticism, they also pay attention to how skaters look and to whether or not their skating costumes suit the music and theme of their routines. With this in mind, you should take care when choosing new figure skating competition dresses.

Any dress that you choose should provide exceptional fit, be designed to give you total freedom of movement and highlight everything that is beautiful about your body. As well, it should be chosen in a color which flatters the natural tones of your skin, eyes, and hair. Here are some shopping tips which will help you to find the right figure skating competition dresses!

Choose a Flattering Color

Women with cool skin tones will look gorgeous in certain colors, such as pure white, pure black, magenta, pale blue and purple. Cool skin tones have a blue base so that any cool colors will complement them to perfection. Conversely, women who have cool skin tones should stay away from earth tones and very warm colors. You’ll look fresher and younger in cool tones, including true red, royal blue, and emerald green, and you’ll probably appear to be washed out by warm tones, such as burnt orange, golden yellow and periwinkle blue.

Examples of celebrities with cool skin tones include Spiderman actress, Kirsten Dunst, and supermodel Naomi Campbell. The cool tones skin may be dark or light. It always looks best with cool-toned clothing.  

If you have a neutral skin tone, which isn’t cool or warm, you’ll look great in subtle earth tones, such as stone, sage, and cream. One example of a celebrity with a neutral skin tone is supermodel Kate Moss, whose skin is a neutral beige.

If you have a warm skin tone, you’ll play up the yellow undertones in your skin with warmer colors, so stick to these shades when you’re shopping for figure skating competition dresses. For example, golden yellow will look gorgeous on you, as will brick red, tobacco brown and burnt orange.

Knowing your colors will be helpful. It’s one of the keys to investing wisely in competition dresses, which typically cost more than practice dresses, which are more sporty and casual.

Consider Dress Brand Reputation

It’s smart to buy figure skating competition dresses which are manufactured by impressive brands which are established and respected. For this reason, we recommend looking into brands that you’re interested in before finalizing orders for competition-level ice-dresses. The easiest way to find brand information is just to visit the official websites of these manufacturers. While you may get a better deal on their dresses at online skate shops than you will at their official websites, you’ll find lots of company background data at the official websites, and this will help you to understand the history of particular brands.

Look for the Best Fit

Since you’re buying “off the rack” even though you’re buying online, you’ll need to know that your size choice is exactly right. In general, the best skate shops that sell figure skating competition dresses online will provide amazing sizing assistance, such as sizing charts and sizing advice. It’s all about helping women to access perfect fit. If you don’t find sizing advice and charts at a really good skate shop, it’s because the dress in question runs true to size. In that case, just order your typical size, and you should access impressive fit which makes you look great on the ice.

Lastly, think about the price. Google a particular dress that you love and then see what it costs at a few different online retailers. This is a smart way to save money. As long as a dress is old from a reputable online skate shop, you should be safe ordering it for the lowest price available.

Say Yes to the Dress Today

Now that you know how to shop for these special ice skating dresses, you’ll be ready to move forward and find exactly what you need. With this mind, why not start the hunt for a gorgeous competition skating dress right now?