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Botas Skates Sizing Charts

How to choose the right size

Mondopoint system – basic unit 5 mm
UK chart – basic unit 1/3 inche=8,4 mm (half size 4,2 mm)
EUR-French chart – basic unit 1 steh=6,67 mm
US chart – basic unit 1/3 inche=8,4 mm (half size 4,2 mm)

General references

  • The length of the foot corresponds to the number of Mondopoint sizes (mm) in conversion table of sizes.
  • Conversion table of sizes can be used as a guide only. The right size of foot can not be always determined according to the table.
  • When choosing footwear it is necessary to ensure that the size, width, fit and performance correspond with the needs of the user and footwear is suitable for both foots.
  • Each person has an individual shape of foot and right foot can be different from the left foot.
  • Each model of footwear has its own fit and performance and is produced on lasts, which have a special shape with respect to the purposes of use.

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