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Skate apparel

skate apparel

Tips and tricks all ice skaters can use to save money

Ice-skating is one of the most financially demanding sports you’re ever going to participate in. A lot more expensive than purchasing a set of cleats, a glove, and maybe a baseball bat or two and hitting the diamond, ice-skating is going to require specialty equipment, specialty clothes, and plenty of ice time – and that’s going to come at a real premium.

Combined all of that with the sometimes sky-high costs of traveling to competitions and paying for private coaching and you’re looking at a pretty stiff bill that a lot of folks are going to blanch at.

Thankfully, though, there are a bunch of different things you can do to save money big-time as a skater (or as the parent of skaters), and we’ve included a bunch of killer tips and tricks in this quick guide.

Let’s get right into it!

Save as much money as possible on your skate apparel

Believe not, one of the largest expenses you’re going to have when you get ready to skate – especially competitively – is the amount of money that you spend on skate apparel and specialty fabrics.

It is isn’t at all uncommon for Olympic-style skating dresses to command $1500 or more, and professional skaters are used to spending close to $5000 plus on the skate apparel that they wear into world-renowned competitions.

The odds are good that you’re going to be spending significantly less already on your skate apparel, but at the same time, even inexpensive fabric that you turn over to a dressmaker to create a figure skating costume custom for your needs will run you at least $300 – and sometimes even more than that.

You are going to be able to find some deals on skate apparel online. But at the end of the day, you’ll want to scour secondhand sources, purchase raw performance fabrics and have them turned into skating dresses for you, or find a way to learn how to custom make your dresses to save a bundle.


Figure skating tights are also REALLY expensive in the long run

The tights that you wear while figure skating in competition aren’t going to look all that expensive at first (might cost you $15 or so for a single set of tights, a drop in the bucket compared to your other figure skating expenses). But then you realize that these tights are only going to last for two or three competitions max and that you’ll need a whole bunch of them to practice in – the costs start to add up.

The best thing you can do to save money on this critical component of skate apparel is to forget entirely about purchasing figure skating tights and instead search for ballet tights – and you’ll notice a significant drop-off in price almost immediately.

It’s not at all difficult to find almost the same tights that you’d purchase as a figure skater at right around $15 a pair for $5 a pair. When they are sold as “ballet tights,” and has no loss in the range of motion, fabric quality, or the overall fit and finish.Both of these tights work wonders for athletes, as they provide:

  • Plenty of stretch in every direction without losing their shape
  • Plenty of protection (essential when it comes to skating apparel) from falls
  • A classy look that judges in both disciplines will appreciate

Talk about saving a bunch of money on skate apparel when you go with this little trick!

Save money on coaching by hiring the right one right out of the gate

This is a little bit tricky (and more involved than saving money on skate apparel, for example), but a lot of parents and amateur figure skaters take the wrong approach when they go to hire their first coach.

Most people are going to look at the individual price of lessons and the general cost of a coach before they look at anything else, automatically pulling out the more expensive coaching options right off the bat.

This can prove to be a mistake, especially if you find yourself having to switch coaches a handful of times just because they aren’t the picture-perfect coach for your needs, talent, or goals.

Hire the best coach right out of the gate, and you won’t have anything to worry about!