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Softec Ice Skates

softec ice skates

Ice Skates By Softec

Softec features a full selection of men’s and women’s ice skates. This brand is marked by its distinguishable quality and versatility as well. Offering a selection of men’s, women’s and toddler’ ice skates, beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters can relish in these supportive, high-quality ice skates. In this article, you will learn about a few, highly recommended Softec ice skates models that are currently available on the market.

Jackson Ultima Softec ST2300

These women’s ice skates are offered in three colors: black, white, and navy. The average retail price for these skates is $99, a highly affordable, introductory price for beginners, and skaters of other experience levels. With high customer ratings and a track record of quality performance, this is a prudent investment. These shoes consist of a large caliber blade that is already attached. The beauty of purchasing this shoe is that no separate purchase is needed for your blade. You can buy everything in a single transaction, blades included. With the different color combinations, you can rest assured that these boots will match your ice skating outfit. A women’s sizing chart is included to help women select the most comfortable and supportive fit for their ice skating needs, even if they buy these shoes online. The top of these ice skates consists of hooks for additional support. Customers are impressed with how warm, stylish and comfortable these skates really area. Furthermore, the blades do not require any initial sharpening, which means they are ready for use.

Jackson Ultima Softec ST2117 Kids

This ice skate model is perfect for beginning children. Reinforced with high support and capabilities, these lightweight shoes permit ease of movement for ice skating kids everywhere. In addition to providing both support and comfort, the design itself is contemporary, vibrant, and high detailed as well. The upper is detailed with fleece, while the tongue features elevated levels of cushioning. With the 3-strap velcro strap, children can open and close their shoes easily without hassle. No shoe laces are needed to operate these stylish shoes. The nickel plated figure blade is easier for children to navigate than traditional blades. Furthermore, the vibrant color options range from white to pink. These shoes are offered in toddler sizes.

Concluding Thoughts

So, what makes Softec different? The adept combination of affordability, style, versatility and performance is what actually attracts Softec customers. Softec ice skates are ideal for anyone who wants to engage in this sport on a strict budget. Once again, the blades come included, and the skates are ready to use as soon as you receive them.