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Strap On Ice Skates

Strap On Ice Skates

Most people that love ice skating often rent a pair of ice skates when they go to the rink. You may find that with ice skate rentals, a lot of the skates are the strap on ice skates, as opposed to lace up ice skates. Strap on ice skates is the easiest kind to adjust and to get on the feet when it comes to skating.

Benefits of Strap on Skates

Purchasing strap on ice skates can change the way you see and experience skating. Strap on ice skates is the best option for the younger ice skaters. Without the mess of laces, younger skaters can easily put a pair on by themselves and adjust the size without much of a fuss. This convenience is also helpful for older skaters that want to simplify the lace up a process.

Having strap on ice skates also offers more support for the ankle than typical lace up ice skates. The most common injury for skaters involves a twisted or sprained ankle. With the benefit of strong ankle support, strap on ice skate is often the best option health wise for skaters.

Prices for Strap on Ice Skates

When it comes to purchasing your pair of skates, pricing is a factor.  Take a look on the Internet and search for the best deals. Comparatively speaking, strap on ice skates are a bit more expensive than lace up ice skates. Stores like Target, Walmart, and LL Bean sell strap on ice skates starting at $99. Lace up ice skates start at around $30 and go up from there.

While lace up ice skates may be cheaper, the benefit of strap on ice skates may just outweigh the cost difference. Go to a local sporting goods store and try on both types of ice skates to see which kind works best for you.

What to Look For

When looking for your new pair of strap on ice skates, keep the quality of the skates in mind. Strap on ice skates has a nasty habit of breaking easily when the straps are made of plastic. A great way to make sure your new strap on skates lasts you for a few several years is to look for skates with metal buckles. The metal buckles are guaranteed to last longer and provide multiple years’ worth of support.

For you, next ice skating purchase or rental, think about the benefits of strap on ice skates.