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Three Great Locations For Ice Skating In Roanoke VA

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The winter season is upon us, and not much says winter like ice skating in Roanoke VA.

Whether you love ice skating, want to experience the excitement for the first time, or just enjoy watching people skate, there’s a lot of great locations for family fun. And don’t worry, if skating isn’t your cup of tea, or you need a break between triple axles, these sites have it all. Stick around and learn about zip-lining, bungee jumping, and fun skating events that can be enjoyed, no matter your level of expertise. So strap on your skates, and find some of the best places to enjoy the winter, and the ice.

Elmwood on Ice

Elmwood on Ice offers affordable family fun for those looking to plan a trip or even a last-minute outing. Nestled in Elmwood Park, Elmwood on Ice can be rented out for private events, or day passes for smaller groups. Their brand new ice slide offers a great way to get your blood pumping and your mouth smiling. Also new this year are skating aids in the shape of seals for those kids just learning to skate. Take your children around the rink on these new seals and show them the beauty and joy of ice skating in Roanoke VA! Elmwood on Ice is open on holidays and even offers extended, holiday hours for those snow days when the kids can’t think of anything fun to do.

Berglund Center Coliseum

Berglund Center Coliseum has much more entertainment than just skating. Through the winter months, they host special events such as superheroes on ice, princes’ skating, live DJ skating, and mascot skating. Fun for the whole family, and with great rates, Berglund offers the perfect getaway for those looking to have a great time with the family. However, unlike the fun had at Elmwood on Ice, Berglund doesn’t offer extended hours for snow days and holidays.

Skate Center of Roanoke VA

Skate Center of Roanoke offers indoor skating fun, so it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, you can enjoy the day with the family rain or shine! Through the week the center offers exciting events for everyone to enjoy, like Christian Music Night and game nights on Fridays. If your kids aren’t into skating, don’t worry, there are tons of activities for them as well. Skate Center of Roanoke Va offers activity rooms where kids can enjoy climbing, playing, bungee jumping, a ball pit, and even zip line.

Get out of the house this winter, and enjoy all the fun there is to have ice skating in Roanoke VA.

Take in the sites, experience the excitement of blazing trails across the ice, or over the sledding paths, and take your mind off the hectic season. Enjoy time with the family! With many great attractions and so much fun to be had, skating offers a great chance for the family to have a day together and build memories that will last long after the ice has melted and spring has arrived!