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Top Features Of Ice Skating In Ct

ice skating in naperville

Have you thought about ice skating as a hobby? If so, the ice skating in Сt is definitely where the action is.There is fun that is available throughout the year. The State of Connecticut has made it possible for you to enjoy the following features:

It is world class

Ice skating in it has attained an international status. This means that it has facilities which are as good (if not better) as those which you would find anywhere else in the world.


The fact that the rink is decked is an added advantage. You will thus be able to engage in intensive training.

Ice surfaces- dual

The ice surfaces are double, allowing you more space for skating. You will only enjoy the expansive surfaces which are spectacularly designed for ice skating.

Room for weight training and fitness

Apart from the skating, there is a facility that enables one to weight-train. In here, you can keep fit while enjoying other activities. The weight training enthusiasts will now have all the reasons to visit the ice skating in it.

Ballet /dance facility

Do you like ballet dancing? There is a room available for this particular activity. There is a well- fitted studio where you will receive vigorous training in all dance moves that you would want to learn.

J.A.M pro shop

This is one of the highlights of the Connecticut’s facility. It is here that you will be able to buy the sporting goods of your choice.

Sk8ters cafe

There is a cafe here where you can enjoy some sumptuous meals of course. As the name suggests, it is meant for guys coming for skating training. Do not miss a chance to dine at this excellent cafe.


For those who are looking for dining in the rink-side, there is no better place to enjoy this facility than inside the restaurant.As a fully serviced restaurant, you will not lack anything relating to food and drinks.

Home of champions

The ice facility has won accolades the world over. This explains why winners in various levels visit it for training. You will find World, international and Olympic heroes descending on this icy center for various training programs.


The center is admitting kids for December lessons. If you have a kid, you do not have to leave them behind as you come for own teachings. There are programs designed to cater for the children as well, which is quite thoughtful of the organizers.

Skate lessons for everyone

Apart from the tots, there are skating lessons based on one’s training level. Age is not an issue here as primarily speaking; anyone will be able to join and enjoy the various lessons and training available.

Affordable packages

The facility is not as expensive as one would think. This would mean that your needs will be taken care regardless of the size of your budget.

Make your dreams of becoming a professional skater or hockey player come true!