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Top Indoor Ice Skating Chicago Venues

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Warren Park  Rink, Johnny’s IceHouse West and Skokie Park District Ice Arena all have one thing in common: they are some of the top indoor ice skating Chicago venues. Whether you are an individual or a family, the skating venues aforementioned offers the best experience.

Other options

There is the Glenview Ice center, Maggie Daley Park, McFetridge Sports Centre, Winter WonderFest and Centennial Rinks to name but a few. Let us see what each of these indoor rinks and centers have to offer.

McFetridge Sports center

This is one of the top indoor ice skating Chicago venues. There is an addition to the two ice rinks, tennis courts. Recreation ice skating is offered here among other diverse sporting events. For those of us who love the ice skating for the fun bit, this is the place to be.

Glenview Ice center

This is just one of the few centers in Chicago where age is not an issue. You tag along with your family including kids for skating. Lessons are offered on skating including figure skating, ice hockey, among others. The center is highly affordable with rental for skates going for a mere $4. The facility is accessible for various programs from Monday to Sunday.

Centennial ice rinks

For skating lessons, skate sharpener, concession stand and snacking after skating. The facility is children friendly, availing skate rentals to children of age 5 going downwards.

Winter Wonder Fest

This place usually goes carnival with a whirlwind of activities that you will not find in the other centers. They include the mini golf, toboggan tunnel among others. They are all available at the Navy Pier.  This is a wonderland in a class of its own. The ice rinks plus the carnival rides make Wonder Fest the ideal family outing.  It is highly recommended if you want to have a memorable winter treat.

Morgan’s Park

This is a sports center equipped with an ice rink the ice of NHL. You will be spoilt for choice because apart from the indoor ice skating, you will love the fitness, gym and yoga classes. For those who are more daring with jiujitsu, it is also offered here. All these activities are offered throughout the year. The charges are small, meaning that you will be able to afford even of you come along with your family.

The Stadium Arena

With a rink that is full size and a smaller one for private party hiring, the Skatium is well suited all kinds of skating. Ice hockey is also available. This is simply a fantastic arena for anyone who wants skating fun, hockey and partying.

Robert Crown Community center and Complex

It would be unfair to conclude on the indoor ice skating rinks in Chicago without reference to this fantastic place. There is speedskating, public skating, and broomball. It is equally affordable and one of those must-go places for a lot of fun on the ice.

These are just a few of the many other ice centers available in this State.