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Training Ice Skates

training ice skates

The ultimate guide to finding training ice skates

Your new ice skates are going to be (ideally) the only thing attached to your body. The thing that comes in contact with the ice on a regular basis, and because it’s going to determine how fast you will, how sharply you turn, and whether or not you’re able to make the most of your natural ability on the ice. You need to make sure you have purchased the best ice skates available.

But you can’t just purchase quality ice skates that you wear on “game day” or during competition. You also have to purchase training ice skates that are going to give you the ability to make the most of your time practicing so that all you learn and practice translates perfectly to the ice when you are competing.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get your hands on only the very best training ice skates available!

Purchase training ice skates with the same kind of blade configuration

There’s a world of difference between the way that ice skates made with the two-piece and three-piece blade holders feel compared to one another, and that’s why you need to make sure that your training ice skates are exact carbon copies – when it comes to the blade configuration, anyway – of your competition skates.

This guarantees that you can transfer over your abilities and skills from practice sessions to the competition without too much letdown, and it also gives you a lot of extra confidence in your training ice skates to know that they are up to the task.

Purchase training ice skates with more room for extra padding

Because you’re likely to spend a lot more time in practice the end you do compete you’ll want to make sure that you have training ice skates that can accommodate softer socks, extra padding, and other “creature comforts” that help you practice for long amounts of time without breaks.

By keeping your feet warm, protected, and cozy in your training skates in your going to be able to spend more time out on the ice during practice and that’s only going to pay off positively the when it comes time to compete.

Take advantage of these tips and tricks when it comes time to purchase new training ice skates, and you’ll have no problem whatsoever getting the right pair for your specific needs.