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Why Is US Figure Skating So Popular?


US figure skating is popular because it’s the perfect blend of artistry and athleticism. Skaters of both genders are active athletes, and they also incorporate elements of many different dance styles into their routines, including ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance.

Since they offer methods which are entertaining, including jumps, twirls and skating in forward and reverse directions, they put on shows which are quite dazzling.

The highest pinnacle of achievement in skating is the Olympics, and many Americans love watching the US figure skating team, which consists of men and women who do solo routines and pairs routines (pairs figure skaters are men and women who skate together as partners). A very high level of competition is also visible at the World Championships and Americans often excel at this competition.

Lots of Americans Love to Figure Skate

In addition to checking out high-level competitions, a lot of Americans like to get out on the ice themselves, by taking figure skating lessons or by figure skating in a recreational way. Most community rinks and for-profit rinks in the USA offer skate sessions for all ages, as well as figure skating lessons for different skill levels. Figure skating is great exercise, and it’s fun, too, so it’s one of the favorite American sports, although it may not be as popular as baseball or football.

Do You Want to Figure Skate?

To skate well, Americans will need proper figure skates. These are skates which are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of figure skaters. They differ from hockey skates and recreational skates. If you want to try figure skating, we recommend shopping for a good pair of beginner figure skates online, from an online storefront which caters to figure skaters.

At this type of store, you’ll be able to find the right skates, as well as skate accessories, such as skate guard covers, and a range of skating apparel and related gear. You’ll be able to get everything that you need in one convenient place. We recommend finding an American online storefront which sells only skates and skating gear.

Once you’ve tried figure skating, you may conclude that it becomes your preferred method of getting exercise. Some people who take lessons decide to enter local competitions, and this adds a lot of competition and excitement. Figure skaters who want to compete tend to practice a lot, even if they are still in school. It’s not uncommon for ambitious skaters to spend five hours or more on the ice every single day.

This sport is about perfect form, and the level of commitment that ambitious figure skaters put in is on a par with the level of commitment than an ambitious ballet dancer, or another type of pro athlete will demonstrate from day to day. It’s a hard sport, but a beautiful one. It’s all about making difficult moves and jumps look graceful, effortless and easy.

You Should Consider Taking Lessons

If you want to take lessons to develop your figure skating skills, you should have no problem finding a figure skating program in your community. Price different classes and check out online reviews of various programs to find something which is affordable and respected. Then, lace up your skates and prepare to learn. It’s important to be coachable, so be sure to bring a positive attitude with you when you step onto the ice. There is a lot to learn, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Some people have natural talent. However, anyone can learn and have fun while learning.

Now that you know more about US figure skating, why not watch some American skaters on TV or YouTube? There are so many inspiring performances out there online and on TV. It’s also fun to read interviews with professional skaters from the USA. Famous figure skaters who are American include Michelle Kwan and Brian Boitano, but there are plenty more, and many of them have online presences, so you’ll be able to learn more about them via their websites or social media profiles.

Figure skating is fun to watch. Sometimes, things go wrong, so every routine is different. Figure skating is a big part of American culture.