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Why You Should Be Wary Of Cheap Ice Skates

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Every year, millions of people the world over engage in the fun and challenging sport of ice skating.  For some, it will be their first time on the ice.  As any beginner knows, you can’t start ice skating without ice skates.  While it is not uncommon to want to buy a cheap pair of skates while figuring out if ice skating is for you, it may be a terrible idea in regards to your enjoyment.  Below we make a case for why you should be wary of cheap ice skates.

The ‘Unwritten Rule’ In Ice Skating

In the ice skating world, there is an unwritten rule that is passed down from coaches and trainers to their students.  The unwritten rule specifies that you never want to buy ice skates from a big box store or sporting goods store.  The reason for this is that many of those larger suppliers that do not specialize in ice skates will sell cheapskates are uncomfortable.  They have an increased risk of injury for you; there is a quicker chance that they will have to be replaced, and many report their skating experience being miserable with them.  

Where You Can Get Inexpensive Skates That Have Quality

Larger suppliers do not take the time to vet their products as carefully as specialty stores.  They will sell things if they are inexpensive and can create a profit for the supplier.  They are less interested in the overall quality and more interested in moving merchandise out the door.  With these locations considered unacceptable, it is recommended instead that you purchase your ice skates from stores that specialize in skates.  If you can find a supplier you trust, then you can be sure that their cheap ice skates are still worth the cost.  They may not be as competitive as the larger vendors, but at least you will have some assurance of the quality.

What Makes Cheap Ice Skates Not Worth Buying

Cheap ice skates are worth avoiding for several reasons.  First, many cheap ice skates are designed similar to shoes you would use to walk in.  While there are differences, there is still a significant gap between the design they provide for you and an actual pair of ice skates that will support and provide you with the comfort you need.  Second, there are typically issues involving the materials used.  Cheap and inexpensive materials offer less flexibility, break more easily and present issues like sweating in your shoes or your feet being too cold.  Better quality ice skates get around this with superior stitching and materials that allow your feet to breathe and flex without becoming warped or damaged.  Third, cheapskates often come with inexpensive blades that are challenging to sharpen, challenging to replace, and wear down very quickly.  What all of this means for you is that cheap ice skates have relatively little durability and comfort and will have to be replaced fairly soon after purchase.

There Is A Difference Between Cheap & On Sale

Very rarely, you may get a decent brand of ice skates on sale.  Sometimes they will be cheapskates because there is a defect.  Other times there will be nothing wrong at all, and you can secure a deal because they either overstocked or are discontinuing their line.  Common places to look for cheapskates that are cheap because they are on sale are through second-hand sales by the owner, through distributor sales from companies that specialize in providing gear for the sport of ice skating, and directly from the manufacturing brand themselves.  While sales on better quality ice skates are rare, you may get lucky and pick up a pair cheap.  When it comes to ice skates, branding is important.  It is a measure of quality.  Knowing decent brands and then keeping an eye out for them on sale will mean knowing the difference between those brands you want to buy on sale and those that are cheap and not worth your time.    

Summing Up The Reasons To Avoid Cheap Ice Skates

  • The quality of cheapskates will be lower
  • You will have to deal with the blades wearing down sooner with cheap ice skates
  • Cheapskates provide less give, are more rigid, and can cause more injuries, especially as you are learning to ice skate
  • By recognizing trusted brands, you can tell inexpensive and worthwhile ice skates on sale from cheapskates not worth your time or money
  • If nothing else, you will have to pay to replace cheapskates more often

Finding A Supplier You Can Trust

We’ve made a pretty convincing case for why you should be wary of cheap ice skates.  What that leaves us with is searching for a supplier that we can trust to provide a range of brands that are of decent quality.  One such supplier is Skates Guru.  With a rotating line of trusted ice skates, you have the peace of mind in knowing that even their least expensive pairs of ice skates are still of a good enough quality to consider getting.  Carefully selecting what they carry, you can periodically check up with them to see what brands are available.