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Ways You Can Get Riedell Skates for Sale

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Riedell is one of the most recognizable names in ice skates.  Having produced ice skates for champions and Olympic contenders for decades, Riedell has proven itself for its quality and attention to detail.  While everyone may want Riedell skates, not everyone can afford them.  With that In mind, we review different ways you can get Riedell skates for sale, as well as the pros and cons of each.  Let’s begin!

A Quick Note About Cost & Sales

Riedell skates for sale are not standard.  The skates are made with a lot of care and attention to detail, meaning that there are rarely issues with them being overstocked.  While you will most commonly find second-hand skates for sale, there may be rare opportunities to get them from either the manufacturing company or a distributor.  Either way, know that the competition to get them will be pretty high, and they may not remain available on sale for long.  

  1.  Sale By The Company

Once in a blue moon, the Riedell company may offer a discount on some of their skates directly to you through their online store.  While rare, it is the best opportunity you have to find a pair in your size that is on sale.  While selection will be far more limited with the other ways to get these skates for sale, buying directly from a sale provided by the manufacturer means a decent selection and a guarantee that they are in fact Riedell skates.  Also, those skates for sale by the company are typically more up-to-date.  Understand that manufacturers usually provide the smallest discount on skates when they go on sale ad that they are less likely to offer discounts in general.  Still, if you happen to spot a deal, don’t let the opportunity pass you buy.


  • Best possible supply of sizes on sale
  • Guaranteed that they are Riedell skates for sale and not knock offs
  • More up-to-date skates for sale
  • If there are any defects, you will know what they are


  • Least discount off of original price
  • Less likely to offer discounts
  1.  Sale By The Distributor

There are several distributors, including Skate Guru, that carries Riedell skates.  Sometimes, due to issues of stock and wanting to move items out, publishers will put skates on sale.  These sales typically happen more often than with the manufacturer.  You can shop between dealers to see if there are any on sale and improve your chances of snagging a deal.  Also, you will typically save more by getting them through a distributor deal than with a manufacturer’s sale.  At the same time, sales by the seller will typically include less of selection, and you may just have to luck out with the right size being on sale.  Also, there is a small chance that the distributor is less than honest and the Riedell skates for sale are knockoffs.  However, this is easy enough to dodge by going with a dealer with a good record and reliable customer feedback.


  • A fair amount may be taken off of the original price
  • Can shop between different dealers to find sales
  • More likely to have Riedell on sale than the manufacturing company


  • Limited range of Riedell skates available for sale at any one time
  • Tiny chance the Riedell skates for sale are knockoffs
  • Defects or imperfections may or may not be listed
  1.  Sale By The Last Owner

Many people have found incredible deals on Riedell skates by purchasing them second hand.  When on sale by the previous proprietor, you can expect there to be some wear and tare on the skates.  At the same time, Riedell skates are typically designed to last and can survive through several owners without significant damage.  There are a few things that you should look at including how well the binding is holding up and whether or not the blades are at a point where they can no longer be sharpened.  You will also have to check out the skates yourself, and you should never buy them the second hand without first trying them on and seeing them in person.  While buying Riedell skates secondhand can be challenging when getting them from a stranger, the process is straightforward when the sale is from a friend.  They can let you know the history of the skates and make picking them up a piece of cake.  


  • The best discount on Riedell skates for sale
  • Straightforward process if you know the previous owner
  • Can take no time at all to purchase


  • The least selection available
  • They are used
  • Challenging to find someone selling the type you want in your size
  • Have to carefully check over the skates to ensure they are in decent condition and that the blades can still be sharpened