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What is an Ice Dress?

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An ice dress is a dress which is worn during ice skating.

In general, ice suits have distinctive shapes and shorter hemlines which allow for full range of mobility. For example, a typical ice dress will be fitted to the body from neckline to waist, and its skirt will flare out and stop around mid-thigh.

You may compare the shape of a classic and traditional ice dress to a ballet tutu. However, a tutu will have a stiff skirt and crinoline, while a skating dress will have a skirt which is crafted from softer, thinner fabric. There are casual ice dress styles which are meant for practices or recreational skating, and there are fancier styles which are perfect for competitions.

Competition Ice Dresses Are Rather Fancy

The competition ice suit will cost much more than a dress which is designed for figure skating lessons or practice. In fact, some nice dresses for the competition are handmade, and custom and they may cost thousands. It’s possible to find them for less, but it’s safe to say that the ice dresses which are worn at World Championships and the Olympics cost a pretty penny. They need to have a lot of features, including very high style, perfect fit, and fabric which allows skaters to move in every direction.

Luckily, there are manufacturers who produce non-custom ice dress styles for competition wear. So, it is possible to avoid spending thousands if you don’t have that kind of money. To find ice dresses of this type, look for online retailers that offer skating apparel. They will typically have quite a few nice dresses to choose from, including casual styles for practice and lessons and competition-level nice dress designs.

It’s best to have a mixture of casual ice dresses which are sharp-looking and sports and competition dresses. Also, some women choose to wear leggings, such as stirrup leggings, when they are skating. They may pair these comfy and supportive leggings with sweatshirts or warm-up jackets. Skating apparel varies, and there are lots of choices out there. A good online retailer will offer a great selection of ladies’ skating apparel. Checking out this type of retailer will give you the opportunity to see what’s out there and choose what you like best.

How to Buy an Ice Dress Online

It’s important to consider fit before you order. A good skating apparel retail which operates online should offer you sizing advice and sizing charts. Usually, these dresses are available in small, medium and large. However, some retailers may have more sizes on offer, such as extra small and extra large. Some dresses will run true to size while others may run a bit small or big. Good retailers will let you know any sizing information that you should be aware of. If you just see small, medium and large options, without any other sizing advice, it’s pretty safe to say that the ice dress in question runs true to size. So, you’ll be quite safe ordering your usual size!

Also, think about return policies before ordering. It’s important to know that you’ll be able to return an item in unworn condition if you don’t like it. Some online storefronts have better return policies than others. As well, we recommend checking our customer reviews of skating apparel websites and particular ice dresses before placing an order. Seeing what other women or girls have to say about specific retailers and skating dresses may be very helpful. Always order from a reputable and established online storefront. When you do, you’ll get excellent service and a beautiful dress, too.

Find the Right Ice Dress Today

Do you want to find a new ice dress? If so, why no use our shopping tips to locate the perfect frock online. Whether you want something elegant and embellished for a competition or prefer something basic and sporty for every day, you’ll find that there are options galore. The key to unlocking quality is researching retailers and ice dress designs before you place an order. Also, be sure that you check out care information for the dress. Does it need to be dry-cleaned or can you launder it on your own? You’ll find some gorgeous styles online, so why not treat yourself to a new skating dress today?