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Why White Ice Skates


If a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, why bother worrying about the color of your ice skates? The reason is simple: you are not only being judged by the skills you possess but also by the performance you give – a lot of that performance is based on your appearance. Showmanship is a vital part of competition, but even if you’re just skating for fun, coordinating your skates to your outfit is a pleasurable undertaking. When in doubt, white ice skates are what you should pick out.

Why Does Color Matter?

Fashion is a finnicky thing, so adhering to trends is a bad idea, especially if you are looking for some staying power with the judges and audience. After years go by and you look back at your career as an ice skater, do you want to flip through pictures of yourself looking ridiculous? While out on the ice, you know the cameras will be flashing. Make yourself look as handsome or beautiful as possible by donning a well-thought-out ensemble.

Why are White Ice Skates the Best Choice?

Don’t be alarmed by the sheer number of color choices out there when it comes to ice skates. Figure skaters place a high demand on colorful skates, so the supply is large. However, no ice skate collection is complete without a pair of white ones. White ice skates are the best because they are the ultimate neutral color, perfect for almost anything you could think to wear on the slab.

Any Specific Type of White Ice Skates I Should Consider?

You will find that there are thousands of ice skaters out there, with a cornucopia of brands from which to choose. Take your time. There is no rush to finding the perfect pair of skates. After all, it will be your feet that must become blistered inside of them.

Among the many choices, you will see that there are leather ice skates and contemporary ice skates which are made from a variety of materials. Your personal preference is needed here, although many people (most notably professional figure skaters) say that leather is the way to go. If possible, try on the skates before you buy them. If you’re purchasing your pair online, only spend money on a brand you already know and trust.

Picking out the most price efficient, durable, and comfortable pair of white ice skates does not have to be a headache. Just remember how important it is for you to look your best while in front of an audience. That should be enough to give you the inspiration needed to stop and smell the roses.