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Wide Ice Skates

wide ice skates

Skaters that are new to the professional or amateur ice skating world may not know all the ins and out of ice skating. Choosing the proper gear to skate with decides everything when you get out on the ice.

The Right Shoe

Whether you are into ice skating, hockey or any other ice sport, you may not realize you have been sizing your shoe up incorrectly.  Several people that get into skating make the mistake of choosing just any pair of ice skates that seem to fit, but this might not be the best option.

A lot of people don’t consider the type of foot they have when making a new shoe purchase. While this may not be that noticeable with regular shoes, choosing the wrong pair of ice skates can be disastrous. People with wide feet need wide ice skates, and people with narrower feet need narrower ice skates. For example, if a person that should be wearing smaller skates, purchases wide ice skates, the skates will not fit as well as they should and the quality of the skating will be affected.

Additionally, people that wear the wrong fit of ice skates are asking for and injury of some sort. Wearing wide ice skates with the wrong size feet can lead to sprained ankles or broken bones. You may also find that you are falling more or cannot turn properly when wearing the wrong shoes for your feet.

Wide or Narrow

Most people don’t know the complexities of ice skate purchasing. When choosing ice skates, there are a few more factors that typical shoe buying doesn’t include. Ice skate buying requires knowing the right instep, heel, toe box, and midfoot sizes for your feet.

If you are not sure how to measure the heel, toe box, midfoot, or in-step, don’t worry. You can take a look on the Internet for some assistance on how to find out these measurements, or you might just want to visit the local shoe store and ask for assistance. While you are in the store, take some time to try on different ice skate so you can see the difference between wide ice skates and narrow ice skates.

Be Safe

Do your best to wear the right size shoes on your feet at all times. Even if you are just at the ice skating arena for one night, try you best to wear the right shoe for your foot.