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Women’s ice skates

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The Ultimate Ice Skates Buying Guide for Women and Girls

People have been ice-skating for more than 3000 years, with this sport first of all thing in northern Europe as a means to travel across frozen lakes faster and more efficiently.

Early ice skates were manufactured out of animal bone that had been sharpened and strapped to shoes and boots, but over time they morphed into the much more modern and traditional ice skates, we use today.

If you are looking to get into the sport of figure skating and want to make sure that you are always purchasing the best men’s and women’s ice skates are available, you’re going to need to pay close attention to all of the inside information available below.

By the time you’re done with the details in this quick guide, you will be able to understand all of the options available better; you’ll be able to come up with an appropriate budget for your men’s and women’s ice skates. You will have absolutely no trouble whatsoever selecting the perfect pair for your needs from amongst ALL of the many options available on the market today.

Let’s get right into this quick guide!

The boots you buy will make or break your experience figure skating

As the only point of contact between your body and the skates themselves, your women’s ice skates boots are going to quite literally make or break your ability to cruise around the ice and perform the myriad of figure skating moves you’re going to be implementing throughout your routine.

Boots need to fit up close and tight against your feet, boots need to be as snug, and as warm as possible without carrying any extra weight, and the boots need to give you the ability to control every single movement of your skates without any extra effort whatsoever.

Boots should also have a single or double blade mounting system built right into the bottom of them. Single blade mounting systems are the easiest to take care of and they most comfortable to use, but dual blade mounting systems give you the ability to swap out modules as necessary quickly. So that you have complete and total control over the kinds of men’s and women’s ice skates you’re going to be cruising around the ice on.

Other important features to pay attention to

Of course, there are other critical features on men’s, and women’s ice skates that you’re going to want to make sure are of the highest quality possible. These extra features are going to make or break your overall experience by helping to keep you upright, keep you safe, and guarantee that you’re able to squeeze every drop of extra performance out of your skates as you possibly can.

We are talking about other important features such as:

  • The eyelets on men’s and women’s ice skates that are designed to reinforce your laces so that you can get a tight fit on your boots for the ultimate in control and comfort
  • Reinforced areas around your ankle that help protect your feet from injury, especially if you come crashing down to the ice unintentionally
  • Border padding areas that add extra levels of stiffness and protection that help you protect your feet but also give you a stream control over the skates themselves
  • Heel counters that give you an additional standard of support in the heel area of your boot, a critical component that allows figure skaters in the jump and regularly spin to do so with complete confidence

Make sure that your men’s and women’s ice skates including these critical features (that these functions are well designed and implemented intelligently) and you won’t ever have to worry about walking away with anything but the very best men’s and women’s ice skates available!

Purchase your guys and women’s ice skates from a specialty store if at all possible

Sure, you may be able to buy ice skates from a big-box department store or sporting goods facility, but the truth of the matter is that these kinds of skates are always going to be of the lowest quality level but won’t have low prices to reflect their entry-level standing.

In fact, the odds are pretty good that you’ll end up spending a lot more money on these entry-level skates and you should – and maybe even more than you would have if you purchased better skates from a specialty retailer – without even realizing that you’re doing so in the first place!

Not only will you find better women’s ice skates at a specialty store, but you’ll also find better prices, better service, and the kinds of the employees that can assist you every single step of the way to get you the best skates possible that you just won’t find anywhere else.

If you don’t have a full-blown ice-skating supplier in your local area, don’t be shy about jumping online and visiting any one of those digital ice-skating stores for the same kind of experience (and usually even better prices)!